Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Up!

Friday was a busy day, but the basics of the play set got together. What didn't get done Friday, Rich finished Saturday, except for the canopy. The canopy will be added when the wind dies down enough for it to be safe to put on. (I'll take another picture then, so everyone can see it totally finished.)

Rich took about an hour on Friday to take all the pieces from the bundles and lay them out in numerical order. He took a break for a while to start planting the garden. I was babysitting Rich's buddy's little guy (the 5 month old) while the buddy, Dave, was working. Dave stopped back about 2:30 to help Rich put the play set together. (I still babysat until Dave's wife came, then she stayed for a while too.)

All in all, the play set went together really well. We came in about 9:30 Friday night, but Rich had finished a while before that. (Yeah-we were playing!) There were a few setbacks as you'll see in the little slide show, but if the guys could have worked nonstop, it would have been together quite quickly.

This was my first time making a slide show like this. It's a little over 4 minutes and there is actually music! (Just the sample music that came on the computer. Maybe I'll try a little harder finding some different music the next time.)

Isn't the play set great?! We're extremely happy with everything about it!
  • The instructions that came with it were really easy to follow. There was even a check off list that Rich made sure to go through before starting.
  • It is made of wood that we never have to stain. Plus it is a beautiful color!
  • The chains are coated so the kids' fingers don't get pinched.
  • The slide and swings are just awesome! You can't help but smile when you get to the bottom of the slide and I don't think I've ever sat in more comfortable swings.
  • Rich loved being able to put the rock wall together the way he wanted to. (He made one side the easy side and the other side the hard side.)
  • The kids just love everything. They would stay out there all day if they could! :-)
I can't thank Dad Blogs and Kid's Creations enough for this amazing prize! It is truly a wonderful play set that I know my kids are safe on and it will probably last long enough for my grand kids to play on. If you are interested in a quality swing set, definitely check out Kid's Creations. You won't be disappointed! :-)

I wanted to thank Dad Blogs again for the camera as well. Without it, I wouldn't have gotten such great pictures of putting the play set together and of the kids playing! (I'm seriously in love with the new camera! LOL!)


Joeprah said...

WOW! Even though that was the default music, it made you feel like you were on a journey and maybe fitting that way. What a great story you told with the pictures!! What an amazing family you have. We are so happy to see the playset in action. Hopefully the wind will be calm enough to put the canopy up this week. So cool to see great people winning something that can really help their lives. ENJOY!! :D

Andrea said...

Great job! (Both on the slideshow and the play set!) What a fun project - even in the rain! Your kids are lucky!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Awesome!!! Great job on the slide show too! Your kids are going to have a blast with that this summer! Lucky!

lace said...

I loved watching your slide show.
The swing set looks really fun. I had been wondering when you would receive it and put it all together. Congratulations again.

Alexia said...

Awesome! I see the kids were "involved" in all aspects of putting it together LOL I can't wait to get ours up - I'm about to attempt it myself!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

And now you add a video to rub it in ... LOL just playing.

Wow that looks AWESOME, I love all the helpers! I think your house will be the place to be this summer, all those cousins will be there a lot :).

Congrats again my dear you and the fam so deserve it!!

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