Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blake's 4th Birthday

Since it's been a month since Blake's birthday, I figured I should probably share his birthday celebrations with you before I forget completely ;-)

Due to busy schedules of our families, we were not able to get everyone together for one birthday party for Blake, so we ended up having two! So there are a few pictures from each that I'd like to share.

Party #1

Blake's birthday cake. He wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and we did a little fire truck theme since he wants to be a firefighter like his Daddy when he grows up. :-)

Blake received a bunch of toys and gifts, but the ones that he just could not wait to open were the Legos his uncles got him! Not Duplos, but the real 'big boy' tiny Legos!

Just before the candles were put on to be blown out.

Wearing the hat his Daddy got him.

Rich, his dad, brothers and Blake. This party was a little early so Rich's brothers could come. One had to go off to college and the other had to return to his base the following day.

Putting the Lego boat together that Blake couldn't wait to play with :-)

Blake had struggled the whole party with being overtired...he and Morgan both crashed!


Party #2

This birthday party we actually had on Blake's birthday. It seemed that only my sister, her husband and my parents could make it at first, but my best friend and her family were able to come at the last minute!

Blake had a big chocolate chip cookie for this party...decorated pretty much the same due to my limited decorating abilities-lol!

Blake opening gifts with all sorts of help.

Blake with his cookie.

Blowing out the candles.

Although it's hard to believe how much time has flown, I'm loving my little guy at this age. He is so fun, sweet and smart. I always love hearing the cute things he says in his cute little voice. He is the best snuggler and gives the best hugs! He plays amazingly well by himself. He can play with Legos, trains, cars, play dough, etc. for hours and you don't even know he's there, except for the little sound effects and dialogue he is making up as he's playing. Sometimes I just sit and watch him when he doesn't know it. (If he sees me watching him he stops what he's doing and comes to me.) This is definitely a stage of Blake's life that I hope I never forget! :-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like two fun parties. I just love the two of them asleep in the chair. Blake is looking so grown up.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Two parties rocks!! And both of the treats look like so much fun!!

I'm loving the fire truck flair :)

Marissa said...

Happy Birthday to your "big" boy! Those cakes look perfect. It's so fun to watch them play on their own - Bean does the same thing with his trains. And he only sings when he thinks nobody is listening. So cute!

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