Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had an....interesting...Thanksgiving break this year.  The kids get a 5 day break starting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so that Tuesday was pretty exciting knowing we had 5 days to enjoy together....
Well, Tuesday night Rich went to take the truck to go to the fire hall and it wouldn't start!  We had only had the truck for a month at that point and we'd already had problems with it blowing heat through the vents when the defrost was on AND the horn had stopped working.  So when it wouldn't start, we were quite upset thinking we'd bought a 'lemon' :-/
Wednesday, I had plans to do some fun activities with the kids and my Dad was going to stop by to look at the truck and change the fuel filter to make sure that wasn't the problem...turns out that wasn't the problem.  I ended up calling the dealership we bought the truck from and they were going to pick up the truck free of charge and look at it for us...
In the meantime, the kids and I were quite busy!
This is actually an Indian that Blake drew in school from watching his teacher draw one.  I'm always amazed by his abilities for only being 5!
We made little Pilgrim hats to share at Rich's family Thanksgiving.
The kids went to work shelling the Indian popcorn.  This is a small portion of what we ended up shelling.  What they did is going to be part of their teachers' Christmas presents this year. :-)
The kids' hand and foot turkeys.  Blake's ended up having his head tilted because he put the eyes on a little crooked...which I think he did on sure turned out super cute! :-)
Wine cork turkeys.  We ended up making 4 so my nieces could have one too.

Thanksgiving day, I made Green Bean Casserole for Rich's family Thanksgiving.  Blake wasn't feeling right and had to run to the potty a few times, but we figured he was better by the time we had to leave.  We had a really nice time, but Blake ended up falling asleep on my lap by 4ish, which isn't like him.  We figured he must have felt under the weather still and we'd get him home and rested and he'd be better the next day. :-/

Friday the kids and I were suppose to visit friends and Rich was going to help my dad with a project.  The dealership sent their tow truck first thing and got the truck, Rich went with my dad and the kids, my mom and I went to do a little shopping for a couple things Rich had wanted to get but wasn't able to being he was helping my Dad. We had to cancel the plans with friends with everything we had going on.  That night was the town's Christmas Parade which Morgan danced in with her studio and Rich and Blake rode in a fire truck together.  Afterwards we were able to go get our truck.  Turned out that the problem was a fuel pump relay fuse, which the fixed free of charge.  (We decided not to fix the vent/defrost problem and they ordered a horn for us, but the horn started working again last week!  And Blake didn't eat much all day but seemed to be acting fine.)

Saturday was nothing like we planned for.  Blake had thrown up in the night.  We hoped he felt better enough to make it to art class then go to my sister's for Thanksgiving there. (Morgan was with my parents, so she was going with them.)  We went back and forth several times as to whether we'd go.  Rich ran the stuff to go to my sister's to my parents' house in case we didn't make it.  I took Blake to his class, then Rich met us there to head down to my sister's.  We drove for about 10 minutes and Blake threw up in the car...needless to say, we didn't make it to Thanksgiving at my sisters...but Morgan did! :-)

Sunday we stayed home.  Blake rested and I spent most of the day cleaning to babysit a couple little ones Monday.  A friend called Saturday morning to ask if I could watch her nieces.  Her grandma had passed away over Thanksgiving and the funeral was Monday and I was the only one she could think of that wouldn't be working.  Not a problem, but Blake being sick worried me.

Blake seemed more chipper Monday morning and went to school.  I was able to babysit the little girls, but worried about Blake all day.  I could barely get him to eat that morning and he seemed tired again by the time we left to drop him off.  Thankfully he made it through the day but didn't starting eating well again until Wednesday.  Whatever he had had him down, in one way or another, for nearly a week, but never had a fever, so would act sure was a puzzler of an illness :-/

Well, that was our Thanksgiving!  At least Morgan was able to enjoy the whole break and our Wednesday off together and most of Thanksgiving Day were good :-)  And despite the few setbacks of the weekend there were, and are, still countless things to be thankful for :-)


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

When you said busy, you were NOT kidding! Those are some seriously cute craft ideas. Love 'em!

Poor little guy with his bug. I'm glad he started eating again!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like you were very busy. I always love the cute projects you come up with for the kids to make.
Sorry Blake wasn't feeling well. His drawing is amazing! Sorry about the truck too, I hope they were able to fix it. That is very frustrating!!
Merry Christmas....

Alexis AKA MOM said...

You my dear are so awesome for all the holidays!

I LOVE LOVE the cork turkey too freaking cute!

Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

The hand and foot turkeys are my favorite. LOVE THEM!!!
Poor Blake! Glad he was feeling better after a bit... Hope that Christmas held no illnesses for you guys!!
Merry Christmas (late) ;) And Happy New Year!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! HUGS

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