Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Boy Scout Firsts and Fun

Blake has been enjoying several aspects of Boy Scouts.  I like that they have many activities to make it as fun as possible for the they can learn some neat things along the way too.
Blake had his first Blue & Gold Banquet back in February where he received his Tiger Cub badge.  Rich is his leader, so he presented Blake with his badge.  Kinda a special moment ;-)  


 Blake also had his first Pinewood Derby last weekend.  He and Rich worked hard on the little wooden racecar.  Blake designed it and Rich helped where needed.

 This is his finished car.  He wanted to make a "Hulk" car. :-)
 His "Hulk" car actually won it's first race and went on to win another race as well.  There were no placings beyond the first three, but he did really well and probably ended up somewhere in the middle of all the cars. (You can see how well it did on it's first run.  It was actually quite exciting!)
 They handed out certificates for various things depending on the design of the cars and Blake got "Most Shocking".  Rich said it should have been "Most Smashing"....since Hulk always says "Hulk SMASH!" ;-)

 The kids also get to do some fun things beyond the meetings.  They've had "Go See Its" where they've been on a nature walk, went to the fire hall and rode a fire truck, learned about the library and most recently toured a local radio station.  The whole cub pack also had a fun outing a few weeks ago where they went ice skating.  It was Blake's first time on ice skates and he was all smiles the WHOLE time!  It was too cute!
I can see Blake sticking with the Scouts for a while.  It's been fun so far! :-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

How sweet that he was awarded by his dad and how awesome that he won his first derby, that is so cool! The ice skating looks like a fun time too.

Cascia Talbert said...

Congratulations to Blake! My six-year-old is a Tiger Cub too. He has his banquet coming up in mid April. Cub Scouts is so much fun! Have a terrific weekend!

mail4rosey said...

My two oldest did Scouts and loved it.

Look at his car go!! It's awesome, and I love the name of it too. High five to him for a job well done. :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh I wish my boys would get into this! Blake looks like he is loving it.

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