Wednesday, April 30, 2014

National Take Your Child to Work Day 2014

This was the first year Morgan was able to participate in Take Your Child to Work Day and she couldn't have been more excited to go to work with her Dad!  Rich is on his 10 hour days right now at the Road Commission, so she had a long day with him, but seemed to have enjoyed every minute.
They started the day enjoying some donuts and juice for breakfast, then moved on to a tour of the engineering department.
Here Morgan is watching Rich work at his computer.  (I apologize for the picture quality...I took pictures of pictures in a 'scrapbook' that the HR person made of the day.)
 Rich then showed the kids how some of the surveying equipment works. 

The kids got to try it out too!

 Morgan's favorite area...where they make the road signs!
Pretending to drive the forklift.
 Pizza for lunch!  Morgan's Uncle works there too and joined them for lunch. :-)
They had a project planned for the kids.  They each painted a pot.
Morgan's finished pot with some beautiful flowers.
 Morgan also had the chance to ride one of the big trucks!
And sit in a cool chair at a desk :-)

 They also made up nice laminated Road Commission name tags for each of the kids, which Morgan made sure to wear to school the next day. :-)

It was such a neat day for both Morgan and Rich!  They both enjoyed learning about the Road Commission (yes, Rich learned a little too) and spending the time together.  They are already looking forward to participating again next year and having Blake join them too! :-)  I'm kinda wishing there was a "Take Your Spouse to Work Day" just sounds like fun...and I'm feeling a little left out... ;-)



mail4rosey said...

Those are awesome pics and what a fun day for your daughter and your husband!! Her flower pot is awesome. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a fun experience for both of them!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahhh what an awesome experience!! That smile of her's says it all.

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