Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Waiting on Baby

My sister is expecting her first baby at the end of the month.  I am so excited!  It's probably a good thing that she lives a couple hours away or I'd probably be over constantly trying to steal the little one away...not completely 'away'...just holding him/her. ;-)  I already love my little niece or nephew and am getting anxious to meet him/her!

Of course in getting ready for this baby, my mom planned a beautiful shower for my sister.  I helped a little, but most of it was my mom and I think she did a wonderful job!  She planned a small shower in her home with a baby clothes on a clothesline theme.  The meal was salads and mom even got out her china for it!

This is the template that I used to make the invitation...keeping with the clothesline theme
I searched Pinterest to look for ideas for the favors.  We kinda mixed a couple ideas and came up with this!  (There is a bag of microwave popcorn inside.) 
My mom did a little decorating with pictures of my sister and her husband when they were little...and in the middle is the ultrasound picture of their baby.  (This is also all in my parents' basement if you're wondering about the brick walls. :-)  )
Here are some clothes my mom hung up...she found them all at the resale shop...inexpensive decorations! 


The table with the place settings, favors, etc.

The dessert table!  The cake pops came from my sister's husband's cousin.  They were shipped from California! 
Here's a close-up.  They were too cute!  The flavors were fun-fetti and chocolate chip cookie dough (I believe). 
These are a couple food contributions that went along with the color scheme.  My mom also made a pastel green punch with lime sherbet and lemon-lime sodas, as well as tea pot shaped cookies with colored go with the 'tea'. :-)

The door prizes were themed bags: wine/meat/cheese, wine/chocolate, vineyard scents from Bath & Body Works, Garden theme and a Chocolate theme. 
We didn't do games, but did a Baby Shower Mad Lib.  We had each of the three tables of ladies come up with the answers in their Mad Libs and then read off the story.  That was good for some laughs!! :-)
Of course my sister opened up several wonderful presents.  I didn't get any pictures personally, but she is like me and doesn't like her picture I'm sure she appreciates that there are none of her to post! ;-)

 Again, it was a beautiful shower and I hope a memorable one as well for my sister.  Now it's time for the baby to come!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful shower and I had a blast!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like a lovely shower and I'm so excited for you!!! Keeping your sister and baby in my prayers for a safe/quick delivery.

mail4rosey said...

Your mom did do a great job. I love the clothes on the wall, and the sonogram picture in the middle of the photos!! Congrats to your sister, and to you (it's super fun to be an aunt!).

Cascia Talbert said...

It looks like you had a beautiful party for your sister. Congratulations! Have a terrific day.

mail4rosey said...

I'm back to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What a beautiful shower. You know me and a theme! love it!!!

Those cooks look so yummy!!

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