Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Joys of Having Children...and Chickens...

Background info:  We have free-range chickens, which means our chickens roam our yard.  With 19 hens and 3 roosters, we basically can't go outside without one of us stepping in a chicken 'land mine'.

The story:
On the eve of Blake's 7th birthday, I was in house thinking about what I'd say about Blake at this point in his life.  The word that came to mind to describe him was 'compassionate'.  As I'm thinking about all the ways Blake shows compassion, Morgan comes in from outside, very upset, and this is what followed:

Me: "What's wrong Morgan?"
Morgan: "Blake is MEAN. He stepped in chicken poo and tried to wipe it off on me."
Me: Grinning to myself at how ironic it was that my thoughts just totally contradicted Blake's current actions, I respond: "That is mean, Morgan...and gross!"

*Blake then makes his way into the house and sits on a step between the kitchen and the landing.  Morgan makes the same accusation again at his appearance...

Blake: Clearly upset that Morgan called him out. "I did not!  I was just wiping the chicken poop off my shoe!"
Morgan: Annoyed "On ME!"
Blake: No response, but I catch a grin just before he hides his face.

Blake is still my sweet, compassionate, 7 year-old little boy.  But he is also a little brother to a big sister and, at times, the sweetness has to go out the window for a good laugh. ;-)


Anonymous said...

He takes after his dad! Lol

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's too funny! Yes being a compassionate person is way different then bugging your sister, he supposed to be doing that. Have a great weekend.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm dying laughing ONLY because I have two boys and this is a daily thing in my house. WELL not the chicken poo, but boogers, and all other things .. lol

mail4rosey said...

We've got these moments in our house too. My teen daughter once used two frostings on her toaster strudel, leaving the last one w/no frosting. When her older brother went to make one for a snack later in the day he was SO mortified that it was hard not to laugh. ;)

Happy birthday to your son. Mine turns seven in a couple of days here too. :)

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