Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My 2014 Projects

I really enjoy cross-stitching for friends and family, so these are a few of the projects I made last year.

This was for my new niece.  I took a lot of time picking out a pattern.  My sister didn't have a theme for the nursery that was easy to find a pattern to go with.  (It was initially a 'Family' theme.)  So I just picked this one because it was cute and started on it.  Then, one day while shopping/registering for the baby, my sister came across a fox blanket and said how much she loved the fox because it reminded her of one of their dogs.  I was secretly excited!  The cross-stitch I was working on had fox on it...I did good!  LOL!
I didn't get a picture of the finished cross-stitch framed.  If I remember right, it had a purple mat and white frame and turned out really cute!

My next project was for a little friend the kids and I took to and from preschool a couple times a week.  I wanted to make her a little something to remember the time we spent together....and there were a lot of times Frozen was discussed, so I thought this was fitting. :-)

So, after making the cross-stitch for our young friend, Morgan says to me "Why don't you ever make anything for us?"  (I do, almost every Christmas, but she forgets...)  So I went ahead and made her a Frozen cross-stitch too, but wanted to make it so I could hang it on her door and sewed a border instead of framing it.

 Blake got a similar one...Avengers though! :-)

They hang on the door quite nicely!

 I like to give the kids ornaments each year as well, so I made these to go along with the door signs.

**I have to thank my mom for her help with each of these!  I run A LOT of thoughts by her!  She helped pick out patterns, helped pick out mats and frames, helped with the logistics of sewing and picking out material.  I think I'd be lost without her! ;-)

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mail4rosey said...

These all turned out really great!! One of my most cherished gifts is a cross stitch a good friend of mine made and had framed for me. :)

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