Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Morgan's 9th Birthday! 2015

Morgan's birthday was a couple months ago, so I'm a bit behind blogging about it!  Her actual birthday was in the middle of the week.  She woke up to her traditional Birthday pan-'cake' with frosting and sprinkles!

I spent a whole morning trying to hunt down pictures of all her previous birthdays, so I could display them for her.  She thought that was pretty neat! :-)

I always try to decorate the easel somehow, so this is was this year's.  The picture was a free customized printable. :-)

Her favorite color is blue, so she wanted some blue chalk in her hair for her birthday.

While she was away at school, I used the recipe holder she made me for Mother's Day to make her some yummy brownies!

And then we had some brownie sundaes for her birthday treat!

The big surprise for her were the riddled clues that she had to go around the house and yard to find until the last one...her present!  She received an IOU to a movie. There wasn't a single kid movie playing in our area at the time, so we waited until Inside Out came out.  (She had requested going to the movies for her birthday.)  She also received a magazine subscription to Clubhouse and some books. :-)

Morgan's Birthday Party was the following weekend.  She helped decorate her cake.  More blue! :-)

After dinner she opened her gifts from friends and family...mostly clothes! :-)

And then it was time for some delicious cake!

Another memorable birthday!  The last year of the single digits for her...sad to think about, but she's excited! ;-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like it was a perfect day.....Happy Birthday Morgan! She is so beautiful and growing up so fast.

Opa said...

Morgan, you must have a pretty nice Mom and Dad to all that on your birthday and then have a party too!!!

mail4rosey said...

sounds like she had a really fun day! :) I like the customized printable too, it looks like her!! Happy Birthday to her. :)

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