Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Kids' First Movie!

Since Rich wasn't around this past weekend, and I had the car, I wanted to try to get out and see "Horton Hears a Who" with Morgan and Blake. One of our local theaters offers free viewings of kids movies that are no longer in the theater and I wanted to try to make it at least once! I figured Morgan, at least, would love it!

So the kids and I made it to the theater, got our tickets and the popcorn with no problems, but it kind of went downhill from there. Morgan spilled the popcorn before we even made it into the theater and we had to turn back and get a refill (which they gave us for free, since the first bucket was spilled-very nice of them!) We then went and found seats towards the back and along the aisle-I wanted an easy escape without bugging too many people. Morgan sat right down and I shot a quick picture while Blake stood up in his seat, which immediately folded up on him-LOL!

The kids then did well sitting and eating popcorn...until the movie started! Blake had sat for 5-10 minutes already and that was enough-he wanted to walk around. If he did sit down, he wanted the popcorn, which Morgan would keep from him, in effect, making Blake squeal. I would then have to leave the theater with Blake and let him calm down before heading back in. (Thankfully a friend of mine was there with her daughter and she kept an eye on Morgan.) We ended up leaving the theater 3 times before they had an intermission! (Morgan also managed to spill her popcorn a second time-LOL!)

Since the movie stopped for intermission, Morgan automatically assumed that the movie was done. After explaining to her several times that the movie was going to start up again, she still insisted that she wanted to go home. Between being in and out of the theater a bunch of times, spilled popcorn, squealing Blake and Morgan wanting to go, I decided we should go. (Plus Morgan was enjoying herself and would have never asked to leave if she was feeling good-so I assumed she still needed rest from being sick.)

The movie going experience wasn't all bad, though:

  • I got a compliment from a woman sitting behind us on how well my kids behaved for their age. She surprised me! I thought we would have been annoying her! LOL!
  • The moment the lights dimmed, the sound got louder and '20th Century Fox' popped up on the screen, was priceless! Morgan perked right up in her seat, her eyes got wide and she started pointing and yelling "Mom! Look!" I, of course, immediately hushed her while giggling and smiling, but it was absolutely priceless!
  • When we got home, Morgan asked to go to bed right away. (Yeah-she wasn't feeling well.) We read and then she prayed and thanked God for the movie and the "yummy popcone". It was super cute! :-)

This Saturday Rich will be home, so I'm thinking of leaving Blake with him and just taking Morgan to the theater and trying it again. They are showing "The Tale of Despereaux" and I think the trip will go a lot better without Blake. I'll have an extra hand to keep the popcorn from spilling, we won't need to leave the theater a bunch of times and Morgan is back to her old self again :-) It should be fun...


Marissa said...

We tried taking our two year old to the movies the other day...didn't work out so well. He was fine until the popcorn was gone. Then he just wanted to run all over the place. We've taken him to the drive-in with more success. The movies always start at his bedtime so he usually ends up just falling asleep in the car!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow free kids movies that is wonderful. We just got the tale on DVD yesterday, got to love blockbuster to the mail :)

Sounds like so much fun and hello they are kids movies so I'm sure everyone around totally understood if not well then don't go see a kids movie ... LOL

i want a place like that!

pam said...

Free movies are awesome!! I would say the only way to go with little ones.

Alexia said...

I've entertained the notion of taking the boys to a movie, but ultimately decided that we won't go to one unless it is Veggie Tales or Toy Story LOL

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