Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Potty Time Tuesday: Exciting News!

So it's actually Wednesday when I'm posting this, but I had to tell everyone what Blake did this morning.

We are still just letting Blake sit on the potty when he feels like it. I haven't been pushing him at all. I've just been taking it easy with potty training until summer. Well, this morning, I asked Blake if he wanted to sit on the potty and he shook his head yes. I went to take his sleeper off, but he insisted on doing it himself. He got the zipper down and then Morgan helped him get his feet and arms out. Morgan was about to get his diaper off for him too, but I stopped that one! (Last night, when I took Blake out of the bath tub, he wet on the rug and I didn't want a diaperless Blake running around and peeing all over. Also, when he wet on the rug, I put him right on the toilet and told him that was where he was suppose to go potty hoping it would sink in.)

Okay, so back to the story. I put Blake on the potty and gave him his tube of toothpaste to hold like usual. I sat on the step stool and talked to him. I didn't really thinking that anything was going to happen. Blake started to reach for the toilet paper, which he usually does, and he actually got some and went right to wiping himself. I thought that he was just mimicking what he had seen Morgan and I do, but when I looked, I saw a little droplet on him and realized he had actually peed in the potty! The little bit of yellowish water confirmed it! I think I was just as excited as when I won the play set and camera last Wednesday! LOL!

I think he might be getting the idea, but I'm not sure what to do next. Should I start putting him on the potty certain times of the day, like when he wakes up and before and after meals? Or maybe I should try what I did with Morgan and let him run around without a diaper, even though it isn't summer yet? Or should I just keep taking it easy like I have been? Or maybe it was just an accident-that he happened to go on the potty this morning, and no matter what I do, he still might not really be catching on? What do you think?

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Dan said...

Hey, Kris! With Sarah, I set a timer for 30-60 mins after a sippy cup and would put her on there sometime in that frame and keep an eye on when she would wet her diaper or pull up and adjust the time frame accordingly. Within the week, she was telling me when she had to go each time she had to major go after a sippy cup, but it took her a few weeks to catch the in between pees. :-)

pam said...


How exciting, you must be over the moon.

You probably do know that Cracker Barrel - it is right outside of Port Huron:)

Alexia said...

Awesome! I have no advice for you, but good luck! LOL

Alexis AKA MOM said...


Cascia said...

Congratulations! I've been taking the potty thing slow with Conan and have tried several different strategies. Nothing has worked for me.

Maybe you should just continue doing what you have been because it is working.

I on the other hand have to try something else with Conan. I'm getting sick and tired of diapers and need him to start getting into the habit of going on the potty before our baby is born in August.

I like Dan's idea. I might try that one with Conan.

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