Thursday, April 8, 2010

Potty Training....again

I've tried potty training Blake twice before. The first time he was nowhere near ready. Peeing 20 times a day was too much to try to keep up with for either of us! The second time we were doing fairly long as he wasn't wearing anything on his bottom. As soon as we put underwear or training pants on him, he was going in them and forgetting about the potty. I was going to stick with it last time until the whole family got sick and we kinda forgot about the potty training thing. Now we're at it again and we're not giving up until Blake has it down!

This time I went all out. I wanted Blake to be excited about potty training. He tends to be pretty laid back and I thought the bigger deal we made about potty training the more interested he would be in it. So on Tuesday we had a Potty Party to kick off our final (hopefully) attempt at potty training.

I spent an hour making his sign and wrapping his presents. I decorated the kitchen, put out the Easter cookies and candy, chilled some sparkling juice and put out little tasting cups.
Blake got to wear his pirate hat (from the Pirate Potty book) and blow out a candle.
After enjoying some cookie, candy and juice (for breakfast!) he opened his gifts.
He received some character underwear and a potty book that was right up his alley! :-)
We spent the day reading the 4 potty books he has and watching a potty movie. He had 2 accidents (while wearing underwear) then went on the potty the next 5 times (without underwear-seeing a pattern again!) Each time he went on his little potty, he got to dump the cup in the big potty, flush and wash his hands. Then he got a sticker for his pirate hat and then he also got to play with a little game from the Potty Tots program. He also got to choose a game/puzzle/activity for us to do together each time. After the first time he went on the potty, he called his Daddy and his Oma who both congratulated him.

I hope we made a big enough deal about potty training to make it last. He gets another present and can go pick out a toy at the store (probably the dollar store-I'm cheap) when he's all trained. He is doing quite well so far and I'm really proud of him. I'm still reminding him constantly and he is still running around without underwear, but I'm sure he'll get it....eventually. I really hope he doesn't have to go around unclothed forever to remember to go potty! ;-)


Andrea said...

Great job, mommie! He will get it.

Blessings, andrea

croleyc69 said...

What a great idea !! I had so much trouble with my oldest daughter but it finally happened. Jennifer just one day started going to the potty. Glad he is doing well so far.
Have a great day !!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Kristie you never cease to amaze me! You're the best mom EVER!! What a great idea. I'm hoping that now that Caden is in daycare with my potty training master ... lol we'll be on track.

LOL you go Blake, you can do it ... lol even clothed :)

Alexia said...

Oh FUN! I need to plan a potty party for Noah.

I just found out that we lost one of our cleaning accounts (ummm half of my paycheck) so Noah for sure is on the potty-training list! LOL

Marissa said...

I bet the potty party was tons of fun! I'm having trouble with mine...he refuses to sit on the potty so I'm taking a break right now. Perhaps a party would help get things moving. Good luck with yours!

Just Breathe said...

I hope he continues to do well. What a fun way to get him all excited about it!

Nancy M. said...

Great idea! I love how you made a party of it! I hope it sticks this time! You can be my inspiration!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I loved this idea! Jolly Mom did something similar. SO great! I'm glad he's doing such a good job!!

Crystal & Co said...

A potty party? What an excellent idea!

pam said...

I have been reading from the top down and looks like he is doing really well. Jillian is still hit or miss at night, some nights she gets up, others she doesn' that will come. I love the pirate hat and the party!!

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