Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

We had a couple things happen yesterday that caused this post to be delayed, but I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day...full of love! :-)

Our Valentine's Day activities started almost a month early with preparations:
Cutting a paper for a paper chain.
Hanging the chain and hanging some hearts from it :-)
Adding a Valentine's Day sign and some heart snowflakes.
Making picture Valentines for the Uncles...one is in Afghanistan while the other is a 12 hour drive away at college.
Making Valentines for Morgan's classmates. They were suppose to be heart-shaped, but we don't have a heart-shaped muffin pan....still should be fun 'Crazy Crayons'!
Love Bugs for Morgan's teachers (left) and some for our wall (right).
Our attempt at making baked Valentines...I didn't have anything to decorate them with though....
'Fingerprint' heart wrapping paper (suppose to be thumbprints, but I forgot that detail).
Tried using up some frosting from Christmas by making (and eating) this. Also made some yummy sugar cookies for Morgan's class.
And for Valentine's Day!!
Rich's breakfast (biscuits and sausage gravy).
The kids' breakfast (for lunch)-pink heart-shaped pancakes.
Played a heart matching game.
Put together a Valentine puzzle that is probably over 30 years old!! (My mom sent it for the kids.)
'Love' books we read.
The kids' Valentines. The large ones are from Rich's parents and the rest are from Morgan's classmates. (Her class is not suppose to celebrate, but some of us parents can't help ourselves!) The kiddos also got some Little Debbie heart cakes from my parents-yum! :-)
One of Rich's gifts from me. They're chocolate-covered frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls....to make up for all the times I don't let him steal the cookie dough while I'm baking ;-)
Morgan and Blake with their gifts from Rich and I. (I made actual thumbprint hearts to make the paper and they turned out much better than the fingerprint hearts!)
Morgan's felt cookie dough and decorating set that she got.
Don't they look yummy!?
Blake's felt animal crackers. I made a second set like the one Morgan got, but figured we didn't need 2, so the other is going to Morgan's best friend and I had to rush to make these for the little guy! :-)

That was about it for our Valentine's Day activities this year. We did enjoy some beef stroganoff for dinner last night...it happens to be the first dinner I made for Rich while we were dating, so it's kinda romantic for us. And I also got a beautiful rose and a box of chocolates to top off the day. It was truly a wonderful Valentine's Day! :-)

******Many of the craft ideas that we did came from the
Frugal Family Fun blog. (The felt cookie dough and decorating set, the Love Bugs, the Thumbprint hearts and the Crazy Crayons.) If you're looking for fun inexpensive things to do with your kiddos, you definitely need to stop by this blog! :-) The baked heart Valentines were from Go Graham Go! and the frozen cookie dough was from allrecipes. I don't remember where I saw the other ideas, but if you're interested, let me know and I'll search them out! ;-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am in awe of everything you did!
Wow, your children are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother.

Alexia said...

I've decided that I'm just going to send my boys over to your house when holidays come up so they can do cool crafts...I never think about it until I read everyone else's posts LOL

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Girl you really are the best mom! I love all these amazing things! I have to do the crayons I bet I could make them look like truck tires for Cole's Monster Truck themed party :)

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