Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready for Lent!

I'm actually excited for lent this year! I'm excited about the idea of letting go of the rut that I'm stuck in. A rut that I feel is holding me back from living life more fully, as well as, keeping me from fully trusting God.

I'll admit that I'm scared too. Not only scared that I'll go back to my old ways, but also scared that I'll allow myself to be miserable for the changes instead of embracing what God has in store for me for making the changes. I know it's only 40 days, but I'm hoping those 40 days are a jump start to a better, more faith-filled life.

It almost seems silly that the couple things that I plan to give up are going to affect me so greatly. They really shouldn't, and in the past they wouldn't have affected me at all! Over the last few years I've slowly gotten in the habit of turning on the TV between 8 and 9 at night and watching until at least 11:00. It doesn't seem to matter what is on as long as I'm watching something to wind down from the day. A little TV wouldn't be bad, but I almost think it's become an addiction and that's not good! So for the next 40 days there will be NO television (for anyone in the family!) This is what I plan on doing instead:

*Reading: I've started to do a devotion each day, which I'd like to stick with, but I'd also like to read the Bible more. I'd also like to read more Christian books. I'd like to read some to help me stay focused on Christ-ones that relate to my personal struggles and will help me overcome them and others that are just for fun and send a good message.

*Family Time: I'd like to play more games with the kids...mostly. We do activities quite often and have reading time a couple times a day, but I'd like to just play more with the kids!

*Exercise: For some reason when I count calories, I don't exercise and when I exercise I don't count calories! I REALLY need to do both at the SAME TIME! LOL! I've been counting calories since the beginning of the year (and have actually lost ~10 lbs! YAY!), but haven't exercised, except for shoveling snow, and I just feel run down. I know I'd feel better if I were in better shape. I actually felt better last year exercising and being 10 lbs heavier...*sigh*

*Spring Cleaning: I have a list and I plan to get it done this year in a timely manner!!! I'd also like to keep a tidier, more organized home.

**I also plan to limit Internet time so that I'm not jumping on the Internet instead of doing all these things I have planned. I'm thinking 2 hours a day should be plenty of time online and only extending it for updating my blog and researching activities to do with the kids, then turning the computer off when my time is up. I even have a timer that I plan to use to make sure I stick to it!! :-)

The other thing that I'm giving up again is my diet pop! I became addicted to it when I lost weight after having the kids. I gave it up last year and I'm really bummed that I allowed myself to go back to it after I was doing SO WELL!! (It lasted at least a month or two past lent.) When I think back to lent last year, though, I HAD to stop drinking pop the first few days because I had my wisdom teeth out and the Vicodin helped me through the withdrawals the first week or so....this time I have to do it without Vicodin's help and with God's help!

It truly saddens me that I cling to these things so dearly when I should be clinging to God. I know it's going to be rough at first, but I'm sure with time and with putting my faith in God that I'll make it through...not only with 2 fewer addictions (a 3rd if you include the Internet), but also with a stronger relationship with God :-)

If you have ANY suggestions to help with ANY of this, please feel free to leave a comment! :-)


Wendy said...

That is awesome! It is to easy to waste so much time on TV every day! Good Luck. I know you can do it. :)

Alexia said...

Have FUN! And don't worry about being miserable...that 21-day fast I did? I was totally miserable for the first, like 20 days Hehe. I think God understands that it hurts and we might be a little grumpy. The key is to focus on WHO you're giving all this stuff up for...or WHY (to spend time with God).

Also, Reading the Bible more was way overwhelming to me. I don't do well with "required" reading. So instead of planning to spend so many hours praying and reading I would sit down with a highlighter and decided I would read until I found something that hit home. I would highlight it, decide how it applied in my life/how to apply that verse and then I would stop. I started keeping a prayer journal as well where I would record the things I wanted to pray for as well as the verses that impacted me that day. I also started adding in things that I was thankful for the day (have you ever read A Holy Experience's blog? Her book gave me the idea).

SO this is getting super long Haha Sorry. I'm on Day...7 of no pop and amazingly I'm surviving. The first 2-3 days are absolute torture, but having other "junky" drinks around helped. And then once that initial craziness was over I could cut out the other crap and drink tea and water (coffee in the am). It's really amazing, because right now, I kinda wish I had something tasty like pop, but actually going out and buying it will probably not happen. It's conquerable.

So...yeah..sorry about the blog post Hehe but YOU CAN DO IT! Maybe don't try to end ALL of those things on day one. Give yourself a couple days with the big ones and then fit the others end. You don't want to set yourself up for failure by wiping out your whole "life" in one day. Mine was gradual.

Caroline said...

Lots of luck I bet you will do great !!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

So funny, I'm just typing up a post about internet time... lol. I think your list looks great!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am so impressed. I know that I could not give up TV. Your goals are big ones, good ones, and I wish you total success. I wish I had your passion.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

My dear your my inspiration!! I don't usually do lent but I really do need to do better with exercise and also some self help with my confidence.

Thanks sweetie you keep me going :)

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