Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Christmas Tree 2011

We found a cute little tree behind Rich's grandma's house again this year.

The trunk was so small that Rich had it cut down before I could get a picture of him cutting it-lol!

Blake thought the chain saw was a bit noisy, but he still liked it ;-)

We got it up and decorated within the next several days. The kids posed for a picture once we finished and the picture became our Christmas card this year :-)

Picking out our Christmas tree has become one of my favorite family traditions. Each year is the experience is different, but always good. It's great making the memories with the kiddos ;-)


Anonymous said...

The tree looks nice. You picked the right size. Cute picture of the kids in their pjs:)


Caroline said...

Beautiful & wonderful memories

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a lovely tradition and the tree is beautiful!

Alexis Peloquin said...

You guys have so much fun, I love you go out and get a tree!

LOVE the PJ pic!

Nancy M. said...

Nice tree! Love pic of the kids with it all decorated!

Full Time Mama said...

It is so pretty! I'd love to be able to pick out our own tree... Here you have to get a permit and pay $, and if you don't get the permit early enough there are none to be had!
Usually we have a fake tree, but ours is getting a little pathetic looking, so we opted for a real tree this year... From Costco. Still, gorgeous, smelled amazing, and a great price!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Kristie and family!! HUGS!

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