Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

When I thought back on our Christmas season, the word that came to mind was 'busy', but after looking through the picture and reminiscing about all that we did 'busy' doesn't seem as fitting as maybe 'fun-filled' or 'memorable' :-)
Morgan was able to have a friend over at the end of November, which turned out to be the only time that we took the time to be creative together.  We made these reindeer and the hands and feet angels as fun activities although they played enough that they really didn't need anything else to do. ;-) 

 These angels made cute gifts for my mother-in-law for Christmas since she loves angels.

Blake finished up his art class.  He truly enjoyed his class and this seemed to be his favorite thing he made.  We're hoping he can get into another class soon, but with basketball coming up it'll be tough fitting something else in.

We found our Christmas tree by the side of the road this year.  I'm not kidding.  We literally stopped at the side of the road, crossed the ditch, cut down a tree and took it home!  LOL!  It did happen to be a tree that was at the corner of a field the family farms and was going to be cut down anyway since it was in the way.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but the tree was super uneven and looked goofy, yet it was my favorite so far.  I loved the imperfection of it and it always made me smile :-)

We attended a local hockey game to see my nieces figure skate between periods.

The fire Christmas party was nice as usual and kids enjoyed their gifts from Santa!

The next day was the kids' Christmas Sing at school. Blake's was first, then Morgan's.  I thought the scene/backdrop was pretty!  They both sang Away in a Manger as part of their programs and it felt wonderful to hear it sung in a public school.  Made me love our schools even more :-)

 The kids hamming it up for the camera after they were done and had enjoyed the cookies and punch.
The kids got out of school a little early from their Christmas sings, so we came home and decorated the Christmas tree.  Rich had taken the day off to see them sing, so it worked out great not having to wait until after dinner and rush to do it before bedtime :-)

That Wednesday, was 12-12-12 and my Uncle and his fiance decided that they were getting married that day at noon.  It was a super small event, but very nice :-)

Much of my spare time was spent making gifts.  These are bird feeders that made wonderful gifts for Rich's grandma and mom who really enjoy feeding the birds during the winter.
I cross-stitched these for my nieces.  One loves turtles and they both figure-skate, so I thought these were perfect for them :-)  I also cross-stitched and sewed Blake's Christmas stocking this year, and sewed a few rice heating pads as well as make a fabric book sling for Morgan to match her current bedding.

I had an annual cookie exchange that is always enjoyable.  On top of that my sister and my friend/roommate from college (one I went to see get married in Vegas) attended Greenfield Village's Holiday Nights.  We're hoping to make that an annual tradition as well.

The kids both had their Christmas parties at school.  Morgan's was the Wednesday before break and Blake's was that Thursday.  I'm thankful that they still had school despite all that was going on at that time between the school shooting and the end of the Mayan calendar.  Many schools in the area ended up closing due to threats or rumors of threats.  I'll admit I was skeptical about sending the kids to school, but there was definitely a police presence that week which put my mind at ease.
I thought this was a nice addition to put under the tree this remind us what the best gift of all was. :-)

 We have been enjoying a lot of hot cocoa and popcorn with the snowy weather...this was the treat the last day of school starting Christmas break.  (We got our first real snow that day.)

We had all our usual parties to attend, plus one, and they were all crammed into the weekend before Christmas through Christmas day.  Seven all together!  I did a lot of baking, cooking, preparing food and trying to make sure we were on top of things at home since we were going to be gone so much.  I was asked to bring a pretty dessert to one party and made this.  Looked neat, but when it was cut it looked terrible!  LOL!
Blake received a dino egg that he had to dig a baby dino from at a Christmas with Rich's aunt and cousins.  He was a MESS from the plaster....
...but he finally got that baby dino out!

 At the Christmas with my family we always have a cake to celebrate Jesus's birthday.  I try to make it so the kids can help each year, but I decided with all the other things that were already planned for that day to keep it simple and just make the cake myself and just talk about the meanings with the kids.  Each thing on the cake has a meaning even the type of cake and the frosting.  I did forget the star, but those spruce pieces on the top are there to make up for it ;-)

The kids with their cousins.

This had us laughing pretty good!  Blake loves Hulk right now and he got these from my parents.

Morgan received her own camera and didn't stop playing with it until the batteries went dead ;-)

Christmas morning before looking in stockings, but after finding the pickle on the tree :-)
Blake with his brand new Christmas stocking.

 Morgan loved her fairy wings that Santa brought her.
Blake loved his Hulk plush and was his choice to take with him that day when we went to Rich's grandma's for's a Christmas tradition in his family and Grandma thinks they counted 43 people this year!  It was packed! :-)
Our final Christmas gathering with Rich's parents and brothers on Christmas day.  Blake decided we were opening one present at a time and directed who was next.
 Morgan was so happy with the presents she got from her uncles that she ran and gave them big hugs. :-)
After Christmas was the usual finding places for all the new things.  The day after Christmas we went to see Rich's brother off...he in now on his second tour in Afghanistan if you would like to keep him in your prayers.  Thursday we went sledding. Friday Rich and I went to see The Hobbit with some movie tickets I had won and did some shopping that Rich had been looking forward to doing.  Rich's brother watched Morgan and Blake for us...when I say watch, I mean played with them like he was a little kid again ;-)

The weekend was slower.  Rich had a class Saturday, but I spent most of the day cleaning up and recovering ;-)  Sunday and Monday my parents and Rich's parents & brother stopped by.  We spent New Years Eve at home this year then went for breakfast at Rich's parents' New Years Day and to see Rich's brother off before his long drive to Pennsylvania.

The rest of Christmas break was spent visiting friends and the kids having friends taking down Christmas decorations of course.  Always sad to see them go, but I'm also aways in awe at how much more room we have without the tree! :-)

That was the gist of our Christmas!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well and have a Happy & Blessed New Year! :-)


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hun what a beautiful time!

I love the nutter butter reindeer!

I always love to see the Santa at the party, such cute pics of the kids!

I so wanted to make those bird seed gifts for my mom! So on my list to do!

Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard at the hulk ... lol Blake is cracking me up!

tell Morgan I so want her wings!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Keeping Rich's brother in my prayers. Looks like a fun filled Christmas. Love all the artwork. Lots of awesome gifts and goodies to eat too. Love the pretty cake.
So happy that you and your family had such a wonderful Christmas.
Happy New Year!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Sounds like a busy time for sure, but all so much fun! LOVING the angel hand/footprints!!!!!
I love love love hearing that they sang Away In A Manger at the school! Such a blessing to still have that in a public school these days.
Definitely keeping Rich's brother in my prayers! How long will he be there for?

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