Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Girls Weekend 2013: Finding Fairy Doors

The girls in my family enjoyed our annual girls weekend this past weekend.  The last couple years we've spent the weekend with my sister, so in researching things to do down by her my mom found that a neighboring city has fairy doors at several of the businesses.  Well, how fun for a 6 year old girl!
We started off by going to another town so I could pick a couple things up at a cross-stitch store...I could have stayed all day in that place coming up with a million projects to do ;-)  Then we went to the city with the fairy doors for lunch and to hunt for fairy doors.
On our way to the restaurant Morgan found her first fairy door.  She couldn't have been more excited!

This was at Alexander's Custom Clothier, but the Fairy Proprietor is "Taylor Hemalot" of "Hemalot's Custom Fairy Clothiers"

A poster of several of the fairy doors.

This was in the building with the restaurant.  Such a beautiful idea!

After lunch we continued on the fairy door hunt where Morgan actually caught sight of a fairy by one of the doors!

This was at the Great Harvest Bread Company where I couldn't help but stop in and taste, then buy, some Cinnamon Chip bread! Of course in the fairy world, it is actually "Twinkle Biskett Bread Co." and the baker is "Barley Biskett".

It was always exciting to catch site of a fairy near the fairy doors.

As you can see Morgan thought they were pretty special! :-)
As we neared the end of the little hunt (or so I thought), we found that some fairy doors were actually inside the store!  This was at Uniquely Yours, a flower shop.  The fairy there was "Lilly Bokay" of the "Flowers & Seeds Store".
The woman working there was trying to close, but took the time to get a rose together for Morgan and give it to her. :-)
The next place we went was Stampeddler Plus Memories or "Old Church Craftalot" (it was located in an old church), Proprietor "Mother Stamperior".  A woman there played hot & cold with Morgan to help her find the fairy door.  We also learned that there was a coloring book to go along with finding the doors with places in the book to have stamped at each of the businesses when Morgan found the door.  Since we were nearing the end, and I had taken pictures at each place, I decided we'd be okay without it, but my mom purchased it anyway....then of course we had to walk all the way back around town trying to get all the stamps we could!  Morgan ended up with 17, but several businesses were closed and we missed a few as well.  (As you can see by the pictures to far the weather was unseasonably beautiful!  Sunny and 60 on a day that would typically be snowy and freezing.)

We stopped at the Northville Gallery on our way back through town collecting stamps and discovered the husband of the fairy door creator.  He told us all sorts of fun facts, including there had been 700 doors made (some to paint yourself, others pre-painted and then the custom made ones.)  65 businesses in town have or have had a fairy door.  Some doors have sold on eBay or at auction for $300 and $465!  (They sell in the store for $65 pre-painted or $85 custom made.)  Since the creation of the doors, the town has started a Fairy Board, has fairy festivals and will be creating a fairy garden walkway in the future!
In the Northville Gallery with a Fairy House.  After looking at other fairy houses in another business where signs were posted I realized I wasn't suppose to take a picture scares the fairies away :-/

These are Morgan's Coloring Book, the Fairy Flight Path (map of where she could find doors) and the fairy that she brought home.
If you look at the bottom of the map, you'll see the "Roaming Troll".  Apparently he moves from business to business and if Morgan were to have found him, she could get a special stamp in her book.
The rest of the time spent on our girls weekend was talking and crafting at my sister's house.  We tried watching a movie together, but after the long day of finding fairy doors, we all fell asleep shortly after it started.
Definitely a fun and beautiful weekend! :-) 


Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love you girls do this each year! The fairies are the best! I love all the doors. I think the baker is my favorite :)

Alexia said...

That's really fun! I need to borrow someone's girl so I can go hunt fairies! LOL

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hope you had a great weekend my sweets.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like that was perfect for Morgan. Glad you had a fun weekend.

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

SO awesome! I seriously love this idea, and every year I see you post it I'm excited to see what fun stuff you've done. I really should think about doing this with Brooke.
I LOVE the fairy door thing, and even I would be thrilled finding all the doors! LOL!

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