Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Year Older

I recently had another birthday.  For some reason they just keep coming? ;-)  This year didn't bother me as much as last year...probably since it isn't a milestone birthday and I've had a whole year to adjust to entering this new decade of my life. :-)

For the most part, my birthday was uneventful.  Started off at 2:00am with Blake saying he didn't feel good.  He ended up throwing up twice and sleeping on the couch.  I spent the rest of the night on the floor next to him to make sure he was okay.  Thankfully that little episode was all of it and he was completely fine after that.

I was awoken again by the phone ringing around 6:00am.  It was the recording of the superintendent of the school that it would be closed due to the snow storm.  (We got a tad of the Nemo storm.)  Rich had already taken the day off due to the storm, my birthday and having personal hours he had to use up by the end of the month.  So in a way I had a snow day with my whole family for my birthday! :-)

We ended up spending the day doing very little.  I threw together some waffles from scratch (so yummy!) for breakfast.  Rich shoveled snow and made it out to a local town to get some groceries and run another errand he'd been wanting to do.  When he came home, it was dinner time and he brought me home a cute little red velvet cake.

My present this year is going to be a puppy!  Rich's mom has been breeding Morkies for several years now.  This is the last time she bred her dog, Mae, and I had kinda liked the idea of having one of her puppies for quite a while.  She is the sweetest little dog and has some super cute puppies!  She ended up with 2 males and 3 females that are all different colors and I'll be choosing one of the females!  She'll be ready to leave around the beginning of March unless we can convince my mother-in-law to house train her for us before she comes here ;-)  All I have to do is decide on my favorite.  Which of these sweet little faces would you pick?
Tough choice, huh?  Morgan had her heart set on the little white one, but I love the markings of the one with the black eye.  I also like the idea of the brown one...won't show as much dirt ;-)  I hope to make it back to visit them soon and make my decision.  I'm pretty excited! :-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday Kristie! Sounds like it was a nice day for you and the family. A new exciting. I do love the little lady with the black eye/ear. She has a beautiful face and kind eyes.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Happy Belated Bday girlie! I'm so sorry Blake was sick :(. A snow day with everyone off sounds like a great day!

I'm with Debby I'm in love with the one with the black spot. Too Freaking cute!!

Have a great week! HUGS

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Ah, happy birthday!! Stinks that Blake was sick, but glad he was over it fast and you got to spend the day with everyone! That cupcake looks really good too! :)
Okay, LOVE the puppies and want one! LOL! I love them all, but first would be the white with black eye (I'll take her!), second would be the brown one (so cute, looks like she has a uni-brow!), and last would be all white. Maybe if we could see the face of the all white one better we'd love her as much as Morgan does? In any case, you can't go wrong with any of them! :) Cant wait to see which you get!

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