Thursday, November 21, 2013

Garden Harvest 2013

Our little garden did quite well this year.
The one thing that I wish did a little better was the zucchini, but I still got all sorts of zucchini salsa and ate way too much zucchini bread and zucchini brownies...SO YUMMY!
The apple tree made up for last year and was bursting with apples.  Last year we had a warm week in March causing it to blossom early, then frost came and killed the blossoms.  We think there were maybe 10 apples on the tree. :-/
 The kids loved climbing the ladder and finding the best apples to make applesauce out of.  We canned about 8 pints.  I think the tree could have given us hundreds of pints-LOL!
These are the tomatoes we had when we cleaned out our garden.  It felt so good to have the garden cleaned out, but the amount of tomatoes from just 9 plants was beyond overwhelming!  My sister ended up with most of them because I had canned all the salsa, tomatoes and spaghetti sauce that I had wanted.  We gave more away to my dad and my mother-in-law, but ended up throwing out the rest.
 We planted about the same number of potatoes this year, but they flourished in our cooler, wet summer!  I bet we had double to triple the potatoes and they were HUGE!  They'll last us most of the winter and we'll replant what's left.

These pumpkins started off so cute!  The kids really wanted to carve them and I thought I'd probably cook up one or two.  Unfortunately, when we set them out as decorations, the chickens decided they looked tasty and pecked away at them. At least the fed and made the chickens happy. ;-)
The end of the day we cleaned out (most of) the garden.  Our picnic table is quite big and it was FULL!
Morgan and Blake are awesome helpers when it comes to picking and husking the Indian popcorn!  This is a small portion of what we got.
It's currently hanging up in the mudroom to dry.  It's all across the sliding glass doors and the window.  We'll shell it soon and then have some tasty popcorn to eat through the winter.
We also planted 2 sweet potato plants that produced more than we could have imagined.
They turned out quite big.  From our experience last year, the big ones didn't have as much flavor, but I hope that's not true this year...
 ...we have A LOT of them! :-)

 I'd say I can't wait for next year's garden but, to be honest, I'm glad...ecstatic be done for the year.  The work from the garden in the Spring, Summer and Fall sure makes me look forward to winter!  ;-)


Katie said...

How about relief that it's over?!? Haha I sure am happy I finally finished off what you gave me!

mail4rosey said...

I can't imagine longing for winter, but you do have a good reason, that's a lot of work. Totally worth it though, you got tons of great stuff!

I love that you have Indian corn.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm so impressed. Just look at those sweet potatoes! You really had a great year and now you have all your canning to enjoy.....

Cascia Talbert said...

Your garden looks wonderful! I miss having a garden like that. We moved to Spokane 3 years ago an now we rent so I can't plant a garden. It looks like you got a bountiful harvest this year.

Marissa said...

What a gorgeous garden! Someday I hope to have a garden that produces 1/10th of what you have :)

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Wow, you did good (though you usually do)! ;) Homemade applesauce is the best, and I can only imagine the popcorn is amazing too!
I love sweet potatoes; hoping the big ones taste good this year.

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