Monday, November 18, 2013

Regarding Giveaway Entries

I have to apologize to all those who entered my giveaways over the weekend.  I accidentally deleted your entries this morning instead of publishing them.  Those two buttons are just way too close together! :-/  I feel terrible, because I know it takes a good deal of time to type out and do all the entries. 

If you'd like to re-enter, please just type out something quick for each of your entries...for example: "tweeted".  There is no need to tweet again or leave links.  Also, you are more than welcome to take an extra can just type in "oops entry" if you'd like. ;-)

I plan to turn the comment moderation off as well, so hopefully I don't lose any more entries in the future.

Thank you so much for following Kristie's Notes!  And again, I'm very sorry for inconviencing you. :-(


mail4rosey said...

Oh no, I'm sorry that happened.

I recently freaked out and contacted Rafflecopter that a giveaway I had was ended but there was no form to pick the winners. I was panicked. I forgot the company made their own Rafflecopter, hahahaa
I don't like that option, I'm not doing it anymore. :)

I'm just here to wave hello. :)

Jessamine Dungo said...

Oh no I'm so sorry to hear that. :(

I will enter your giveaways again. :) I'm starting right now. :)

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