Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Another school year has started.  I'll admit that I dread this day each year.  After having them home with me all summer, I always want to try homeschooling, but I know it'll never happen.  I know it's just me having a hard time letting go...the first few days (or weeks) without them feels kinda lonely.  They actually really enjoy school and seeing their friends each day and that makes it all easier.

 The kiddos annual pictures or 'mug shots' as I started calling them this year. ;-)

 The nerves were still there this year even after spreading 'Jitter Glitter' on their heads last night.  Morgan wouldn't let go of my hand as we entered the school... but it may have been because it was so hectic there too.  When we got into the classroom, she seemed better.
 Blake actually seemed a little more nervous this year than ever before.  The nerves only seemed to hit when we got into the classroom though...he was leaving me to go say 'Hi' to friends when we were standing outside the school. :-)

 So, I decided to take a look back through the years at the kids' first days of school....not sure why, because it started the waterworks flowing.  My kiddos are just so gosh darn cute!  ;-)

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Such cute pictures and the ones from past years too! Hope they have a great school year and that you enjoy some quiet time for yourself.

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