Friday, September 5, 2014

Labor Day Weekend 2014

I was going to write this post and include every detail I could remember of the weekend, but I figured that would bore you, so I'm going to keep it to the highlights:
*Laughing at the fact that we were taking a snowmobile to a August.  Then laughing again that the summer had been cool enough that maybe we really weren't getting the strange looks we imagined we were getting on the expressway.
*Rich's idea of taking the snowmobile to said cabin up north was that we'd do it on the way to the our destination.  'North' is not on the way to 'West'...and a typical 3 hour drive took ALL day!  I'll admit it was worth it seeing the friends at the cabin though and the ride wasn't too bad...
*Driving through downpours so heavy you can't see out the window is bad...especially when the truck is leaking on you the whole time...from what I understand anyway...Rich was driving.  Morgan and I helped though!  With some teamwork we stuffed napkins by the leak and it was dry driving from then on!
*Morgan is attached at the hip to her best friend every time they get together...until said friend hits Morgan in the face three times with her cast while sleeping...then Morgan decides that she can sleep in her own bed the next night.

*Being out on the water in a boat is amazing...enough said! 
*Loons are not at all like ducks.  Ducks go under water and come right back up.  A loon goes under water and you can watch for what seems like forever for it to reappear....come to find out that loons stay under water for like 15-20 minutes...we know better than to try to watch now...
*Blake learned he could trust his life vest beyond being able to touch his feet to the ground...and LOVED swimming!
I didn't ask for permission to post this picture on the blog...just know there is cuteness under the smiley face :-)
*Blake also learned that when he finds something cute, like a little baby turtle, while with 5 young girls, that the turtle is as good as gone.  He was informed by one of the dads that he might as well learn the lesson now... :-)
*SpongeBob Island is FUN!  Shallow waters, anchored pontoon, drinks, snacks, games, warmth, music, laughing...FUN! 
*Everyone loves fireworks...and they're more enjoyable from the boat, because as I said before being on the water in a boat is AMAZING....especially at night...because between fireworks, there is still an awesome view of a light show in the sky.

*Fireworks are also scary...the one who lights them says choice words and tries running through the water, and ducking, while still trying to hold the lighter above the water, each time one is lit.  Immense laughter comes from those still on land watching this all take place.

*Learning about leeches 'the hard way' is not fun!  Being the one who removes the leech from the little girl (who was probably WAY tougher than I would have been) is not fun!  The whole instance causes several of us to want to avoid the water for quite a while...

*Steak and sweet corn on the grill, mashed potatoes and watermelon makes an awesome last meal to celebrate the end of summer.  We have to remember that for next year!

This is only a bit of the fun we had.  It was such a great weekend!  Definitely feel blessed to have spent it with some wonderful friends. :-)

**Thank you Jen for the extra pictures! :-)


Opa said...
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Opa said...

Oma and I think we have heard that putting salt on leached makes them let go. Glad you guys had fun.

mail4rosey said...

I'm glad you had a great time (except for the silly leech who thought he was going to come along for some of the fun too).

Being on a boat, and/or by the water really is fun.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It sounds like a pretty good time except for those leeches and Morgan getting hit in the face. Glad Blake enjoyed swimming.

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