Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dance Season 2014-2015

This was Morgan's 4th year of dance.  She enjoys is just as much as ever, but has decided to take a break this next year and do art with Blake.  There were so many changes this year in the way things were run that I was getting a negative attitude about dance and am personally happy to have a little break.  I know I'll miss the conversations with the other moms though and Morgan will miss the time dancing with friends.

With all that said, the dance teacher surprised us a couple times with recognizing Morgan!  The teacher doesn't know yet that Morgan plans to take the year off, but she still unknowingly made me feel guilty!  Morgan was the 'Student of the Month' for May and she brought home this sign to display the honor.

She was also recognized in the dance studio's newsletter.

The dance recital(s) took place a couple weeks ago.  Morgan did another lyrical this year to "Let it Go".  I actually made sure to watch and only tried snapping a couple pictures.  I thoroughly enjoyed the routine and Morgan has really made progress!  It was truly awesome to see!

Posing for a picture.

Another pose with her dance friends.  (Thank you Karen for the picture!)  I didn't ask permission to post their pictures, so I've hidden their sweet faces.  :-)

Another surprise!  Morgan received an award for "Most Improved Dancer" and all the girls/dancers received trophies this year!  Both were very exciting for Morgan. :-)

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

That must have been exciting for Morgan to be the Student of the Month!
Cute pictures. It sounds like a good plan to take a break.

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