Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Morgan's New Hairdo!

I didn't take a picture before Morgan got her hair cut, but this is from last week at Rock Glen.  It was getting really hard to manage and she had been wanting to cut it off and donate it for at least the last month or two.  I'd been meaning to get the kids in to have their hair cut at the same time and we finally went yesterday.

Aren't they cute!?  Morgan's got styled, which I hadn't planned, but we're both super glad the hairdresser suggested it!  Morgan loves how light it is, first of all, but also loves the way it looks and wants to keep it this way.  She thinks she looks like Nancy Drew.  (She loves those books!)

This is the back.  (Super cute, right?) I'm almost thinking of doing the same with my hair....but it'd just end up in a ponytail anyway like always. :-)

 She looks so different!  LOVING it though, so I wanted to share. :-)


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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love Morgan's new cut and of course Blake looks handsome also!

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