Monday, May 18, 2009

Absence Update

So, the busyness and worries of last week are over and I am quite relieved. Everything went well for the most part...

The favor of babysitting the little 5 month old has extended into this week. I will have him tomorrow through Thursday. The kids love him and he is really entertained by them, so it seems to work out quite well! I'm kinda liking having a baby around again too. :-)


The visitation and funeral are over for my grandpa. He is really going to be missed by a lot of people. He was one of those people that if you didn't know him, you wanted to. As much as he will be missed here on earth, I know that he is free from pain now and in a much better place. I can imagine that he is up in heaven playing eucre and teasing grandma like he used to. If there is any type of farming in heaven, he is doing that too. :-)

I wanted to thank everyone for your thoughts of sympathy and your prayers during this time. I really appreciate your concern. :-)


My dad has already went back to Germany and my mom will be leaving Wednesday. They both have a lot going on right now, so I didn't see them as much as I would have liked. Just six more weeks and they will be home for good, though! :-)


Morgan's birthday went quite well, but I'll put up another post about that later. I still wanted to show you how the cake turned out...

All that worrying for nothing! It actually turned out pretty cute and Morgan probably wouldn't have cared if it didn't turn out anyway. By the time the presents started arriving, the cake was the last thing on her mind! LOL!

That's about all for the update. I'm hoping to do some catch up for a few days and be back on track by the end of the week, so start keeping an eye out for new posts! ;-)


Alexia said...

Whoa! You did an awesome job on the cake! My faces DO NOT turn out like that! LOL It actually looks like Curious George? Was that who you were trying to make?

Cascia said...

That cake is beautiful! I bet she had a great birthday. It sounds like everything is going to start getting back to normal for you. Have a wonderful week!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMG girl that cake turned out amazing you ROCK. I so needed you to come over to do our cakes.

What a beautiful card on your grandfather. Very sweet.

Have a wonderful week, much love my dear!

Marissa said...

That's a fabulous looking cake! I don't think I would ever be able to pull that off. You grandfather looks like an outstanding person. Glad everything is getting back to normal for you now.

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