Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Life in Pictures: Day #2

Meg at My Edition of Gab is hosting a new My Life In Pictures challenge! I am going to try to participate a couple days at least, but it's turning out to be a busy week!

Here is the schedule if you would like to participate as well:
  • Monday: A place where you feel most at peace
  • Tuesday: Something you 'heart'
  • Wednesday: Go Green - your favorite green item
  • Thursday: Helping hands
  • Friday: A place in your city that you love and would like to show people who have never been there.

So today's challenge is to get a picture of something you 'heart'. I obviously 'heart' my family, since I blog about them all the time, so I decided to share with you something else that I 'heart':

I 'heart' cross-stitching! This is one of my favorite cross-stitches that I've done and I've done a TON! I just like how simple and cute it is. I love the colors and the cute little sheep. I love that Rich thought enough of my love of cross-stitching to actually order the beautiful mat that is on it for my birthday/Valentine's Day the first year we were married. I also love that it shows the true meaning of Christmas. I could probably go on and on about what I 'heart' about this, but I'll spare you all that reading! LOL!

For more My Life In Pictures, check out My Edition of Gab.


BeeHappy said...

I wish I had patience for this! Great work and thanks for playing1

pam said...

I heart that too! Very creative.

Alexia said...

I've tried cross-stitching and could never keep it up - I am waaay to impatient LOL

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