Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

We decided to pick out a tree from behind Rich's Grandma's place this year, instead of going to a tree farm. So on Sunday we met up with Rich's parents and brother, picked out our favorite and Rich cut it down in a split second with the chainsaw. (I thought I'd have a nice picture of him cutting down our tree with a regular saw, but it didn't quite work that way-LOL!)


As you can tell, from what Morgan is doing, the chainsaw is a little on the loud side. :-) Doesn't Rich look like a lumberjack? :-D


I thought we'd decorate the tree Monday, but Rich had something going on after work, so then I thought we'd at least get it up and put the lights on. Every year we've struggled to get the lights to work and this year was worse than before, so we gave in and decided that I'd buy new LED lights when I was out with my mom the next day.


Turns out one $12 strand of LED lights wasn't going to be enough...


The kids decided the tree had been empty long enough and did a little decorating of their own with some toys.

Wednesday Night

Finally, with enough working lights, we got the tree decorated!

Now for the hard part...making sure the kids leave the ornaments and the presents alone until Christmas...LOL!


Anonymous said...
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The Jacobsen Family! said...

I love that they decorated it with their toys! That is so cute! LOL!
Wow, presents under it already! You go girl!

MommaYoung said...

Awww, it is so cute and so are those babies.

Just Breathe said...

It's a beautiful tree. I know that with our puppy Skye I haven't put any gifts under our tree yet!
She doesn't seem to care about the ornaments so that's a good thing.
She does like to listen to the ones that talk and she turns her head from side to side.

Felicia said...

Very cute... I bet everyone had fun!

Alexia said...

Nice! We just bought our first Christmas tree (fake, I'm not about to risk burning my new apt down...I totally would LOL) and decorated it. It looks pretty bare because I couldn't afford a whole lot, but the boys think it's great!

I'll tell you what works to keep little paws away from the ornaments - first time they touch it say "that's it!", unplug the tree and start dragging it away - the boys haven't touched mine since! LOL

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