Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flint Children's Museum

A couple weeks ago the kids and I met up with my blogging friend, Alexia, from The Mommy Rambles. We found a city halfway between us and then chose a place to go in it and the day couldn't have worked out any better! The Flint Children's Museum was not only nearly EXACTLY the same distance from each of our homes, but we happened to go on a $2 day! So instead of paying $18 each family, we only paid $6!! (We also took lunches, so it was a very inexpensive trip!) Plus the kiddos got along great for never meeting before and we all had a wonderful time. :-)

The kiddos started out in the "How Things Work" exhibit.

We then went to the Discovery Zone, which, at the time, was featuring Camp Bullwinkle where the kids saw a moose, played in a tent, cabin, raft, fished, colored binoculars and sat around a campfire. (All play things of course.) I didn't get pictures because it was super crowded while we were in there.

After that we went to "Sproutside" (outdoor garden area), so the kids could get their faces painted. Morgan was the only one to get painted on....

...the boys saw sand and they were hooked!

Back inside and after grabbing lunch, the kids played in "Performing Arts" exhibit. This is the "Aerobic Sounds" spot.

This was Morgan's favorite thing. It's called "Center Stage" where the kids could dress up behind stage and perform a play. They even had spotlights and a video camera hooked to a TV so the kids could see themselves perform!

Here the boys are in the "Catch Your Shadow" spot.

Then, on to the "Health and Fitness" exhibit with a where they could"Climb Every Mountain"...

...and ride bikes with "Mr. Bones".

I think the best exhibit of all was called "Our Town", with a "Fractions Pizza Parlor"....

..."Smart Mart Grocery Store"....

...and "Sam's House".

Then the "Transportation Alley" exhibit had a Police Helicoptor that the kids were using to deliver mail, food and supplies to....somewhere....:-)

Plus there was a Fire Station that was a huge hit!

The kids could have spent the rest of the day between "Our Town" and "Transportation Alley". It was neat to see them using their imaginations in what I'm sure they thought was the best play area ever! :-)

Thank you Alexia, Noah and Jack for inviting us out to spend the day together! It was definitely a great time and we'll have to watch for their $2 days and make it back again!! :-)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Now that sounds like a day of fun!
So many things for them to do. How awesome to meet with a blog friend.
Love the center stage! You really got a lot for your money that day.
Wonderful pictures.

Flint Children's Museum said...

Your pictures are wonderful and it is inspiring to hear what a wonderful time your children had!

I work with the museum and we can't thank you enough for sharing your story with your friends. We are always trying to reach new people, and your support is so very much appreciated!

Please do come back! Introduce yourselves when you are here. We love meeting positive people!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow I love yours. So much more then ours here in Tacoma. We've had Cole's b-day there for 3 years before we switched to the pool party this year. Our changes theme every year but the space is not that big so we don't have as much going on as yours does. I do believe they are moving and remodeling ours so we'll see!

Very awesome pics!!!

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