Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Summer Pics-2011

Our Goofy Animals

Bear sun bathing.

Busch guarding the kids' castle...kinda like a dragon (and about as mean as one too! LOL!)
Leinie a little pink after rolling in the kids' sidewalk chalk.
"The Boys" shortly after getting out on me while Rich was at work and going for a walk down the road to visit the brown cows (Jerseys). They are back home here and eating from their new feeder for the first time. (Little things excite us and we take pictures-LOL!)

My 'Cool' Kids

Blake modeling his Eli's Lid despite the warmth....and Morgan just modeling-LOL!

Rich as a big kid staying cool playing Waterball with his fire department.

More water play to stay cool in the sprinklers...

...down the Slip 'n Slide...

...and at the Splash Pad. They've also had a lot of play in kiddie pools and a couple big pools, including a salt water pool! (Tried getting a picture of the kids in the salt water pool, but realized I left the camera's card in the printer! Bummer!)

The Uninvited Guests

These little ones' parents decided to build a nest on top of the weather station (the white thing) on our front porch. The weather station hasn't worked since.

They're growing up though.

And leaving the nest. When they stop coming back to the nest at night we'll have our weather station back....and we'll kinda miss watching them too :-)

Our $20 Garage Sale Find

This corner cabinet is built really well, fits perfectly where our little TV stand was and has a lot more storage for our little house. We were really excited to find it!

Some Creative Play

I saw Blake had put this together today. It's his Daddy laying in the grass under the tree....exactly what Rich likes to do after working hard outside or in the barn! (Morgan helped a little too by putting up the tree.)


Marissa said...

Cute, cute pictures! Sounds like you've had a wonderful summer so far. That $20 garage sale find is amazing! And I love the one of Busch guarding the castle :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Fun pictures. Great shot of the birds. Cabinet looks wonderful for $20., great job! Slip'n Slides are so much fun. It all looks so refreshing. Skye was just sun bathing this morning!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh goodness what fun fun pictures!!

Darn Jersey always full of trouble ... lol love it. I hope it wasn't too much to get them back in. The new feeder looks like it's a hit :)

The animals and kids sure look like they are enjoying the summer!!!

I'm loving the daddy sitting on the grass and the tree, way to go Blake and Morgan :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Aw, love the pics! Your animals are so cute! =) The splash pad looks super fun, and reminds me I need to think about visiting one of the ones here before summer is over! It's going fast!! =)

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