Monday, November 17, 2008

Blake's First Haircut

Little Blakers got his first hair cut yesterday. It felt funny trimming his hair when I haven't even cut Morgan's hair yet. (She could probably use a little trim, but I want to make sure it is long enough to save about an inch and still be able to put her hair up.) I'll admit I really didn't know what I was doing. I've read how to do all sorts of things in the parenting magazines, but none of them say how to go about cutting a 14 month old's hair. I ended up chasing him around cutting a little at a time and, as you can imagine, that method it didn't work near as well as I had hoped. No matter what, I still think it looks better than the little mullet he was getting. What do you think?

I have actually trimmed a little bit more since this picture, so it isn't quite so uneven. I do feel sorry for Blake, though. I'm glad he is too young to care. At least a have a few years to get it all figured out and avoid him having to wear a hat from embarrassment :-).

To be put in Blake's "My First Curl" box.


Opa said...

Doesn"t look that bad. Any way the difference between a good hair cout and one not so good is about 3 days.

Kristie said...

I guess I should be seeing a difference tomorrow, then :-)


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