Monday, November 3, 2008

Following in Daddy's Footsteps

While I was looking through some photos from this summer, I came across a couple from our family camping trip in August. I had forgotten that I had taken some pictures while Rich was making his acclaimed (at least within our family) chili to cook over the campfire. As Rich was putting his ingredients into a pot, Blake decided that he would like try his hand at making some chili too. Rich's chili is made with things like beef, beans and tomato, while Blake's ingredients were more like what you would find in a mud pie....

Things like the dog's water, dirt and leaves.

I think it is so cute that Blake is already following in his Daddy's footsteps! I don't plan on trying Blake's chili anytime soon, though.


Opa said...

Nice pictures. Is Rich making chilli for Opening Day Eve?

Kristie said...

Hi Opa!
Yep-Rich is making his chili for Opening Day Eve. Dave got a deer a couple weeks ago bow hunting, so he has some venison for a venison chili, too.

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