Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reaching New Heights Update

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Blake starting a new adventure in climbing. In that post, I mentioned that he would be climbing all sorts of things before I knew it. Well, it probably wasn't even a week later that he discovered what else he could climb. Blake loves to climb on his little chair. This is actually a great way for him to discover new things. He has figured out that he can drag the chair to different parts of the living room and reach Mommy's figurines and everything else that he isn't suppose to play with.

Blake also loves to climb on the coffee table! He has been leaving all sorts of fingerprints on the TV screen. He even loves to give either the TV, or the characters on the TV, kisses. It is really cute!

The one thing Blake hasn't mastered climbing, out of everything he has tried, is the couch. He begs for Rich and I to put him up there, so he can practice getting down, though. There have been days that I bet I lifted him onto the couch 50 times, so he could just get down again. I'm sure he'll figure out how to get up there soon. The only thing stopping has been stopping him so far is how slippery it is.

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