Monday, February 16, 2009

Bear's Sleep Number is...

Unfortunately we'll never know. Bear's picture came in last place with 109 votes. Despite the outcome, I am still excited and honored that Bear was chosen as a finalist. I have never had a picture that I've taken chosen to be a finalist in a competition before! How fun is that!?

I did what I could asking for votes from friends and family, but after a few days I felt guilty for that and stopped. I didn't want Bear to win because I rounded up the most votes for him, I wanted him to win because his picture truly deserved it. Seriously, how many 100 lb dogs would try to fit on one cushion of their own couch so a cat could have the other cushion? I have no clue either, but I really thought he'd have a chance.

I then discovered how naive I was. I am a new small-time blogger with a couple sweet followers and very few resources. Bear was up against dogs whose owners either had several blogs and followers or offered entries to giveaways for votes. My hopes of Bear winning by being a cute picture went down the drain and I decided whatever happened, happened!

I did learn a lot though!
  • It's just fun being part of the competition and a real honor!
  • If I ever have a picture chosen as a finalist again, I will inform people that there is a great photo contest, check out the pics and vote for their favorite. It just doesn't feel right asking people for votes!
  • If I see a giveaway where entries are given for votes on the blog owner's behalf, I won't enter. I know how it feels to be their competitor now.
  • Winning definitely isn't everything and Bear can live without a fancy bed. Rich was going to build a box around a couple old couch cushions for Bear before the contest and that's what his plans are again! Bear won't know the difference :-) (Sorry Rich, I was hoping to save you some time!)

I want to thank everyone who did vote for Bear, even if it was just because I asked. You still took the time and I appreciate that! I also want to thank Kristin at An Ordinary Life for choosing Bear's picture as one of the finalists. I am truly grateful and honored to have been part of your Sleep Number Pet Bed contest! :-)


Felicia said...

Oh no.. he didn't win??!!!

He is still adorable!

Alexia said...

Oh that's a bummer :( I never into photo contests with votes for that exact reason. I don't think people EVER actually vote for the pic that's the best. They vote for the person who is giving the best deal. It really irks me.

Cascia said...

Great job being a finalist! He is a cute dog.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bear Dog! Too bad everyone didn't know how sweet he is for such a huge dog. I'm sure he could have won by personality alone! The big goof gets my vote any day of the week!

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