Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Redbook's Hottest Husband Contest

After having Bear in the Sleep Number Pet Bed contest, I know I said I would never vote for someone in a contest just because they asked. When I come across a contest, I have been keeping with my word and only voting for who I truly think deserves to win. Well, FireMom at Stop, Drop and Blog is asking for votes for her husband right now for Redbook's Hottest Husband Contest and I was conflicted. How could I vote for any of them, when my husband is truly the hottest husband, right? So I decided that I would go through them and decide by which husband was most like my own and vote for that one. That was the only fair way I could think of, since my own husband isn't a finalist. After looking through the finalist's ages, professions, how many kids they have, etc., it turns out that FireMom's husband, FireDad, had to be the one that I voted for. So, yes I voted for him, but not because FireMom asked. :-)

Stop on over and check out Redbook's Hottest Husband Contest and vote for your favorite. Just remember that FireDad (Joshua Hatfield) is a firefighter. How much hotter can you get than that? ;-)

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Alexia said...

I, of course, had no trouble voting for the hottest husband LOL It was a tuff choice, but I think Kermit is pretty hot (despite reminding me of the little green muppet frog LOL)

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