Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sweet & Silly Morgan

I have really been enjoying hearing some things that Morgan has been saying lately. Some of them make me laugh, while others are just super sweet.

Morgan has went from calling her brother "Buddy", when he was first born, to "Blake" and "Blakers" and now, most recently, "Boy".

When curious what Blake was doing:
"What you doing? Huh boy?"

When in their cribs in the morning before calling for me:
"Wake up boy!"
And amongst a bunch of giggling:
"You funny boy!"

Calling Blake "Boy" may have stemmed from the following conversation about gender:

Morgan: "Morgan a girl, Blake a boy, Daddy a guy..."
Me: "What's Mommy? Is Mommy a girl?"
Morgan: "NO! Mommy not a girl! Mommy a mommy!"

We've been working on praying lately. My mom used to pray "Now I lay me down to sleep" with me before I went to bed and I wanted to do a similar thing with Morgan, but thanking God and not reciting a prayer so much. She got it down quick and now does it on her own:

"ank you Mommy.
ank you Daddy.
ank you brother Blake.
ank you color.
ank you play.
ank you eat.

Yeah-we need to work on the "th" sound and the word "for". LOL!

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Alexia said...

Cute :) Noah's taken to calling me "baby mama" after we watched the movie. He also has been calling Jack "Buddy" lately too.

I love the stuff that comes out of little kids' mouths - I'm pretty sure that this (Noah's age) is my favorite!

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