Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

We didn't do as much for St. Patrick's Day this year as we've done in the past, but the kids still had a fun time celebrating.

My mom and Morgan made this shamrock barrette together.  Morgan was so proud of it, she wore it every day last week!
The kids also made it to our local St. Patrick's Day parade with my in-laws.  Rich and I had a prior commitment during that time and were unable watch it this year.  It's strange the difference in temperatures from year to year.  Last year the kids went with their grandma to get ice cream after the parade because it was 70 degrees...this year they went for hot cocoa because it was snowing!  LOL!
On St. Patrick's Day the kids woke up to Leprechaun being in our house.  Blake set his trap and caught him this year!  He cleaned up the trap before I could get a picture of it, but it was cute...basically we set out "gold" and a sign that said "Leprechauns a loud" (yes 'a' and 'loud' were two separate words).  Then he set up a little pit that he covered for the leprechaun to fall into.  Unfortunately the leprechaun got caught in the trap before he could set out the clues to find his pot of gold, but the kids were still able to find it on their own. (It was in the media cabinet on top of the TV.)
We ALWAYS have at least one craft for each of the holidays, so thankfully I had seen one that looked like fun that we could throw together after church.  It's called Swinging Shamrocks from the FamilyFun Magazine.
All you need to do is flatten a 4 inch toilet paper roll, cut it in 1/2 inch strips, then cut on one of the folds on each strip.
Next, start forming the shamrock by gluing (or stapling with a small stapler like I did.)  Make three heart shapes and one triangle shape for the stem.
Then, just glue, or staple, them together.
Put the kids to work painting their shamrocks.
Isn't this fun!?
And these are the cute shamrocks you'll end up with!  Since they're suppose to be swinging, I think you just hang them from some fishing line, but we didn't do that.
We also made Corned Beef and Cabbage (with potatoes, carrots and onions) for the first time ever!  Rich had one of our last steers' brisket made into a corned beef (for only $5!) and it was the perfect time to cook it.  I know it isn't pretty, but it was DELICIOUS!!!  (I can't emphasize the DELICIOUS enough...Rich said it was one of the best meals I made in a long time...of course he meant that in a good way-lol!)

How was your St. Patrick's Day this year?

(Please take a moment to visit some of our past St. Patrick's Days: 2012, 2011...and more!)


Wendy said...

Love the craft your kiddos did. Looks so cute. We didn't end up doing one yesterday because I took Emily to see a free movie at the theater. Your dinner looks fab! I bet it tasted great. A good homecooked meal is always the best.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Sadly we didn't do anything this year ... Well I made the items for the kids school just didn't do anything here .. hehe

Dinner looks yummy!! I love the paper craft. And those barrettes are too freaking cute, I'd wear mine all week too!

Anonymous said...

I actually forgot it was St Patricks Day. We all stayed home in our jammies all day and were couch potatoes!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the barrette, really cute. I also think those shamrocks are cute. I will have to remember that one.
Our dinner came out great too. I am sure I will make it again next year.

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