Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Perfect Step Stool

I had been meaning to buy my daughter a step stool ever since she started potty training. I know most children probably have a step stool to help them get up on the potty and reach the faucet to wash their hands. I love that it gives little ones independence and what I like even more is that it frees up mom's hands, so she can take care of other things (like the little brother trying to unroll the toilet paper, empty the trash or throw his toys in the toilet). I had been looking for a step stool that was small, so it would fit in our little bathroom and I could move it out of the way when I needed to. I wanted one that was solid and stable, so the children wouldn't get hurt when they were using it. I also wanted the step stool to be versatile, so when the kids didn't need it in the bathroom anymore, I could use it in other parts of the house. Not really finding what I was looking for, in our price range, I had put my search on hold.

A few weeks back, I saw my grandfather and he mentioned that he had a step stool, that my dad and his siblings used when they were little, if I would like it. I happily took him up on his offer. I didn't know if it would be what I was looking for, but free is always good and I'd make it work! My husband, Rich, stopped by my grandfather's after work the following Monday and picked up the step stool. When he brought it home, he told me that there was a little more history to the step stool than what I was originally told. My grandfather had mentioned that, not only was it the step stool that my dad and his siblings used, but it was made by his dad, or my great-grandfather, for my eldest uncle. Very neat!

I now have a step stool for my kids to use. It is small, solid, stable and versatile. It was definitely in my price range. Morgan loves the independence that she has and calls it her 'step'. I love the history of it and, if it lasts through my kids, it can be passed down to my grandchildren. I feel like I hit the jackpot in step stools and, what's even better, it even kinda matches our bathroom! Blake is the only one unhappy with it-no more testing his toys to see which of them can float in the toilet.
Morgan brushing her teeth on her 'step'.

The top of the step stool really shows the work my great-grandfather must have put into it.

Thank you Grandpa-we love it!

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