Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Rich and I had a wonderful time in Frankenmuth this past weekend. Friday was beautiful! We were able to walk around town without our coats on and enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. We went to the River Place first and got some popcorn at the Popcorn Wagon. Rich picked up some Spicy BBQ popcorn and I went for the milder Sour Cream and Chive popcorn. Both of them were delicious! We also went to a fudge shop and got this huge cashew turtle type thing. I think it was around 6 inches in diameter, an inch tall and it weighed a half a pound! We also picked up some German Almonds while there. Both were very yummy! :-)

After the River Place, we went wine tasting at St. Julian Winery. We each tried 6 wines and then bought a Passionate Peach Spumante and a wine called "Sholom". Both are very delicious and sweet wines. I could have bought every wine we tasted, though! They have some really good ones there :-)

We then checked into the hotel and did a little meandering down the main street. We stopped in all sorts of little shops and then, since the Frankenmuth Brewery was closed (so no soft pretzels and horseradish mustard butter), we went to the Black Forest Brewery for dinner. (In a German inspired town-you have to have wine and beer-it's a must! LOL!) I am really happy with our restaurant choice for that night. We had a really fun waitress and wonderful food! (I had a chicken club sandwich on a pretzel bun that was very good!)

Saturday morning Rich woke up way too early! He woke up at 5:00 am and since there was no way I was getting up that early when I didn't have to, I went back to sleep. Rich went and worked out for an hour, came back and showered. I still wasn't up, so then he went for a 45 minute walk through Frankenmuth. I still wasn't up, so then he went to breakfast. I finally woke up around 8:00 am and we just hung out and watched movies until we had to check out. We had seen most of what we wanted to in Frankenmuth and just wanted to take it easy.

When we checked out of the hotel around 11:00 am, we went to the Cheese Haus and got some Dill cheese curds and a little container of horseradish cheese spread-delicious! Then, since Rich had finished his popcorn, we went back to the Popcorn Wagon to get some more Spicy BBQ, so he could have some to bring home. We also checked out a few more shops before meeting up with my sister and her boyfriend for lunch at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. We each got the all-you-can-eat family style chicken dinners. Rich didn't realize that it was 'all-you-can-eat' at first, but when he did, we ended up ordering more food like crazy! We got thirds of both the noodles and the potatoes, plus seconds of the chicken. Rich was determined to eat until it hurt, since it cost us $19.99 per person! LOL!

After lunch, we tried walking off all the food we ate until it started raining us, so we headed for home. Rich and I really had a great time on our little getaway! We were able to do almost everything that we planned while there. We came back feeling closer as a couple and very relaxed (plus a little bloated-lol!) We can't wait to do it again, even if it is another 3-1/2 years. :-)


Alexia said...

You're making me sooo hungry! I'm glad you guys had fun!

pam said...

I love hearing about your get- away. We love going up to Frankenmuth. Funny though, we get caught in terrible storms when we go up there. One time there was a tornado, another time a flood. The interstate was completely flooded. Cars were stranded.

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