Friday, March 13, 2009

Computer Anticipation

I received an e-mail on Wednesday from Dell saying that our computer we ordered had been shipped and is due to arrive today! I can't believe that we are actually going to have a new computer! I haven't had a new computer since I started college in August of 2000 and Rich has never had his own computer, so this is really exciting! (Yes, this little laptop I use is 9 years old! I am amazed each morning, when I start it up, that it is still running! LOL!)

We ordered the computer a few weeks ago when Dell was having a 2 day sale. I was mostly interested in getting another small computer. Not a laptop, but a desktop that didn't take up a lot of space. I thought Rich had the same ideas as I did on the computer, because he had never said otherwise, but it turns out that I was wrong! I really don't know the dimensions of it, but the monitor is 22 inches, which is nearly double the size of my laptop screen! (I really hope it fits on my already crowded little desk! LOL!)

So, not only is this computer going to be big, but it's going to have memory space! Memory space is something that I'm not used to with this little laptop. I haven't been able to get new programs, run the programs that are already on here or even upload pictures at times, because this computer is so full! This new computer is going to allow for me to actually store pictures, plus burn my pictures to CD's, use picture editing programs...the possibilities seem endless! Plus, since it is a small business computer, Rich will be able to use it if he decides to start his own surveying business. (That's if I ever let him on it-LOL!)

If you can't tell, I'm really looking forward to this computer. The UPS guy doesn't usually come until 4:00 pm, so I have a little while to wait. Then I'm going to have to wait until we can get it all set up and ready to roll, but it's almost here! The excitement and anticipation are definitely mounting! I'll have to do another post next week with some before and after pictures of my desk and let everyone know how the new computer is working for us. Now for something to keep me busy until this afternoon...LOL! :-)


Alexia said...

Yay - a new computer! I can't believe your laptop is still running either 9years for a computer makes it a dinosaur!

Nicole Feliciano said...

Wow that is exciting. enjoy the purchase and good luck with the manuals. They always frustrate me. But it is worth it in the end.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

That is wonderful news! Congrats my dear on the new computer. You'll have to post a picture of it when it's all set up :). So has it shown up yet?? LOL

Cascia said...

Wow nine years since you bought your last computer! You are going to love your new one. I've only purchased Dell computers so I'm sure the one you are getting will work great.

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