Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Little Gymnast

I decided to be brave and post this. My hair is not done, nor is my make-up, and I have a goofy laugh goin' on. Plus, I am wearing my everyday jeans that are super baggy after losing weight, but I'm too cheap to wear the ones that fit, since I don't want to wear them out! LOL! It's pretty obvious by the way I look that I never intended this video to go online, but I just couldn't resist posting my cute little guy doing his flips. So, please ignore me and concentrate on Blake! :-P

In case you are wondering what Blake is doing with his fingers, I'm pretty sure he is trying to tickle my face :-)


Cascia said...

That is adorable! It does look like he's trying to tickle your face.

Felicia said...

O man.. i'm at work so I can't see the video.. everything is "big brothered" here. I'll have to check it out tonight though!

Felicia said...

Oh.. so cute!!!!! I love the tickles!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Kristie you look amazing darlin! It's so nice to hear your voice now when I get an email I can put a voice to it :).

Blake is to cute, I love how he is tickling your face, my oldest does that too.

Super fun, I want to come over ... LOL

Alexia said...

I love his laugh!

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