Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crispy Crunchy Cereal Cookies

When Morgan was on 'C' for the letter of the day, I came up with making rice krispy treats, but called them 'Crispy Crunchy Cereal Cookies' to keep with the 'C' theme for the day. After we melted the marshmallows and mixed in the rice krispies we used a cow and a cub mold to make Crispy Crunchy Cereal Cookie Cows and Cubs. I'm pretty sure I was more impressed by the whole idea than Morgan was, but she enjoyed being able to eat her 'bear' when it was done. (Despite my many attempts to tell her that it was a baby bear and they were called 'cubs', she still called it a bear. So much for the 'C' theme! LOL!)

Here are some pics of the finished product and the kids enjoying them:

Cute right!? This is actually the second food we've made for her preschool time. We also made one big chocolate chip cookie when she was on '1' for the number of the day. (It also doubled for a snack while camping.) It's been fun coming up with a food activity to do for her preschool...and maybe I'm enjoying eating all the goodies too! ;-)


Marissa said...

Those are way cute! You seem to always come up with such creative food ideas! Looks yummy too.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Girl you always have the best things for me to do with the boys! I have a bunch of halloween cutters that I should do this for Cole's class :).


Just Breathe said...

Very cute! How creative you are.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Good idea! Are you planning on homeschooling? Sounds like you're already doing a wonderful job of it!
(Just realized that I haven't been "following" you on Google? How did that happen? DUH! LOL! Was wondering how I missed all this...Now I wont miss a post. Sorry!) =)

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