Friday, October 2, 2009

The Recent Addition to our Little Farm

Rich and I had been talking recently on how it would be nice to have a few chickens to have some fresh eggs. We've had chickens in the past, but they didn't last long or never produced any eggs, so no luck in the egg department. Then last week Rich's mom mentioned that a local summer camp was looking at getting rid of their poultry. They were free, so why not try again, right? We ended up with 6 chickens and 1 rooster. Here are a few pics of their arrival:

This last picture is of what we were hoping for-EGGS! They started laying on the third day of being here and we got 4 brown eggs and 1 green one that day. As you can see, the kids thought it was pretty neat too. :-)

On a side note-we now think we know what we want to do with our old outhouse. We're hoping to make it into a chicken coop! The pen in the barn is a little on the small side for them and the outhouse is just sitting there uninhabited. We'll just need to put up a fence and they'll have all sorts of room! :-)


Just Breathe said...

Wow, I can't imagine having chickens and eggs. Tell me how the eggs are? Do you have to do anything special to them?

Alexia said...

I keep trying to talk Mom into getting chickens - I haven't convinced her yet LOL

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I miss having chickens. When I was growing up dad had chickens and turkeys it was great. the boys love eggs if they could have it they would eat them every day ;)

kasandria said...

Awww! My grandmother had a farm with chickens growing up and I LOVED Spring when the new baby chicks hatched.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Wow, I know a few people who still have an outhouse, but they're all older couples... OK, I know you don't use it (and they still do!!!), but still, so crazy to think. GREAT idea of turning into a coop!
Fresh eggs sound wonderful! My grandparents have chickens and give us eggs on occasion, but they're out of town a lot on missionary trips and I have no idea what my dad does with them when he collects them... Maybe I should be asking...? =)

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