Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Long-awaited Haircut

The last time Morgan had her hair cut was just before she turned 4.  She hasn't wanted her hair cut since...she liked the idea of looking like Rapunzel ;-)  About a month or so ago she changed her mind.  The snarls were getting pretty tough to brush out and she couldn't take a shower on her own, which she's been longing to do!  Every time she took a bath or got her hair brushed out for the last month she's been asking when she'll be getting her hair cut.  I thought I'd go ahead and get it done a couple weeks ago but decided she should wait until after her dance pictures.  She planned on donating her hair, so I didn't want it too short to get up into a bun on top of her head.

Her dance pictures were this past Friday, so we got her hair cut on Monday.  This is the before picture:

While she is getting it cut...she almost looks a bit worried:

Just after the hair was cut, but before it was styled:

All smiles with her cute new cut and holding onto the hair to be donated:

We had planned to donate to Locks of Love, but the stylist recommended a Michigan based organization called Children with Hairloss, which gives the children wigs for free until they are 21.  By deciding to go with them the hair salon took care of shipping the hair for us and Morgan was able to hold onto 2 more inches of hair, so we could still get it up for dance! :-)

Morgan couldn't be happier with shorter hair!  She took a shower on her own Monday night and asked if she could take one again the next night...she is never that excited about baths!  She has been working at brushing her own hair now and she loves swinging her hair around and feeling how much lighter it is :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a lot of fun this Easter!  We started out on Good Friday by going through our Resurrection Eggs and remembering what Jesus did for us.  We also read the kids' book "The Best Thing About Easter".  After that we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at Rich's grandmother's farm.  There were 11 kids searching for 200 eggs all over the place...under trees, on tractors, in shrubs, etc.  All but 1 egg was found and the kids would still be looking for it if the adults hadn't refilled and hid an egg for them to find, so they'd think they found the last one-LOL!  Of course Grandma had all sorts of goodies to snack on and we had a nice afternoon with the family :-)

Saturday I wanted to do a couple crafts with the kids for Easter, so we made bunnies from their hand/thumb prints and carrots from their fingerprints. (Found on Inner Child Fun".)

We also used a loofa to make some chicks...Morgan got ahead of me and ended up making her chick a little different....I'm thinking it's a turkey chick... :-)   (Also found on Inner Child Fun.)

Easter morning the kids woke up every 45 minutes starting at 1:30AM all excited to see if the Easter Bunny had come!  Of course he had...and he was in bed trying to sleep!  LOL!
After they checked out their baskets, it was time to hunt for the eggs that the Easter Bunny had filled and hid for them...they're ready to go! :-)

And they're off!

We attemped to make Resurrection Rolls again this year and unlike last year, they were actually a success and the tomb was empty!  (The tombs were also very tasty!)  Next year I'd like to try to make Resurrection Cookies too...they're actually what I was thinking of doing when I cam across the rolls last year.

These Easter outfits may look familiar...they're what the kiddos wore to my sister's wedding last June.  I had adjusted the straps on Morgan's dress to make it fit last year and I didn't have to adjust them back, so I think it'll still fit for at least 1 more year!!  Getting 3 years out of 1 dress at her age makes me super excited-LOL!  Blake is wearing some khakis instead of black pants and we took off his's dark and didn't go well.

We went to our church's early service, which was PACKED, then came home and flew little kites the Easter bunny had given the kids.  Then we went to Rich's aunt's house about an hour away for Easter dinner.  The kids got their own little baskets that they had to find and then had another Easter egg hunt!  It was a really nice time and a great Easter!  We still have one more Easter celebration to go at my sister's house this coming Sunday and we're all looking forward to it! :-)
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