Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Born to be Wild Dance Recital

Morgan and Blake had their dance recital about 2 weeks ago.  We spent a few hours at the high school for the rehearsal on Thursday night, then Friday night was the BIG night!  Morgan had butterflies in her tummy at the rehearsal, which she got out of her pretty quickly and then you could tell she was just having fun performing in front of everyone.  (You'd never know she was MY daughter!  I'd never be up there!  LOL!)  

Opening Number, which had the entire dance studio of kids, was performed to the song "I'm a Real Wild Child".  Blake had a part where he and the only other boy went out on their own and rocked out with their guitars.  It was too cute and I'll admit I had tears in my eyes.

This is before Blake's big part, where everyone was on can barely see Morgan behind him.

I posted pictures and video of this dance before-the ballet dance to "Practical Magic".  They've really improved over the 10 months of practicing

This is the tap routine performed to the song "Purple People Eater".  They really did a great job!

Blake's tumbling class did a little tap routine to the song "We No Speak Americano".  The other boy's mom decided against the shirts they originally had, being that they were so small and the boys' bellies kept popping out, so she came up with these.  Blake now uses the other shirt on his teddy bear, which it fits much better!  LOL!

Another moment that brought tears to my eyes is when Morgan's dance class received awards for "Most Improved Class".  It was mostly only competitive dancers that received awards, so I wasn't expecting this at all!  Her teacher commented on how much they improved over the year, how they've become friends without knowing each other before and that she'd like to invite them to compete next year!

The girls are in their outfits for their Pom Pom routine that they dance to the song "Pondereplay".  I tried getting pictures, but they didn't turn out AT ALL!

The closing number was performed to the song "Born This Way".  I didn't get any pictures...I gave up on my camera.  (Actually the few nice pictures I do have of the performaces were given to me by one of Morgan's school teachers whose daughter dances as well.)  It was a nice finale.  At the end of the song all the kids walked out on stage waving glow sticks, wearing their dance shirts, with the lights out and black lights on.

It was a long, but good night.  We didn't get home until after 10:00 pm!  WAY past the kids' bedtime, but they were so worked up from the night that they barely noticed.  They also performed most of the recital again at a neighboring town's park during their craft show (also in the park) this past Saturday.  Since the dance year was over, many dancers didn't come, but it turned out to be really cute anyway and a nice time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping Out in the Backyard

I started a Summer Bucket list this and I'm determined to do everything on it, unlike last year.  One thing on the list was to do a Backyard Campout.  At first I thought we'd do it on the Great American Backyard Campout date of June 23rd, but it's Rich's cousin's Graduation Open House, so we picked the first free night and then stuck to it! :-)

Last Thursday, I tried hard to get everything done I needed to so I could relax and enjoy an evening with the family.  Rich came home from work and started a campfire.  As the fire got hot enough to cook on, we set up the tent.  We blew up the air mattress and brought out all the bedding.  The kids and I then practiced batting with a ball and bat as Rich tended to the fire and fed the animals.  We hadn't made any huge plans for the night...just have time as a dinner wasn't really prepared.  We cooked hotdogs over the fire and had some chips with them.  (Next time I'd like to plan dinner a little better at least!)

After we ate, we went and watered the gardens and the threw a frisbee around before making S'Mores.  We then sang whatever campfire songs we could come up with. Since we hadn't started until after 6:00, it was already getting late.  The kids and I ran in the house to brush teeth and get into our pajamas.  I took a little longer closing things down in the house for the night and when I came back out to the tent, the kids were making shadow puppets on the side of the tent. :-)

The kids and I read a few stories as Rich had fallen asleep in a chair by the campfire.  When we were done and the kids and I were just laying there trying to sleep, Blake spoke up and said "I had a really fun day!"  Even though our campout had only been a few hours, those hours as a family made his day and that felt really good to hear. :-)

Rich had come to the tent after a while and we all slept fairly well until 5:00am...apparently that's when the birds wake up....and they're LOUD.  I think every bird in the county was in the tree by our tent.  At first it was kinda nice hearing all the chirping, but then I wished they'd just be quite so I could go back to sleep!  LOL!

By 7:00 am or so, we were all awake.  The kids and I got everything all packed back up while Rich had some running to do.  We had some pancakes and omelets for breakfast in the house before having to leave for a birthday we had that day.

We all had a GREAT time, except for Rich being a little tired after a long week at work.  We're looking forward to doing it again though this summer on a night where Rich hasn't had to work and maybe plan meals a little better, so they're a little more substantial AND they're all cooked over the campfire! :-)  Rich and I actually enjoyed backyard camping better than going to a campground...something about having the comfort of home right there really made it nice! ;-)

The End of the the 2011-2012 School Year

It's been super busy here the last few you could probably tell by the lack of posts!  LOL!  I still wanted to share with you what we've been up to as I get the chance.

One major thing that happened was both kids finished up their school year!  YAY!  No more strict schedule of going to bed at 7:30pm and making sure we're all up and out the door by least not until September :-)  I'm not sure the kids really care either way at this age.  They really enjoyed school, but I'm loving not having to run somewhere each day! (Not that we've had many of those days so far, but I'm loving the ones I get!)

Blake's last day of preschool was the day after Memorial Day.  A strange day to end, but schools don't always make a lot of sense ;-)  I went to spend the last hour with him, but they spent most of the time at recess, so I enjoyed conversing with the teachers and another mom.  The following day they had a bowling/pizza party.  I spent most of the afternoon the day before baking 3 different treats to share with the kids and their parents at the party...Blake didn't get to have a birthday at school, so it was my way of making up for it :-)  My parents came to the party too and my Dad and Blake enjoyed bowling together...very cute!  Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures.

Morgan finished up with school on June 12th.  She had a couple end of the school year activities too.  Blake and I went to a part of her Field Day.  They did around 15 activities, so we didn't stay for all of it, but it was neat to see the little bit we did.  It's cute to see how the kids cheer for each other...Morgan had one little guy really cheering for her during one of her races!  LOL!

The Kindergarten also had a picnic the last day of school.  It was a beautiful day for a picnic!  Mid 70's and sunny!  My mom, Blake and I all went to picnic with Morgan on the playground.  After we were done eating Morgan took Blake to play with her friends.  She doesn't act like it at home, but she is really a proud big sister!  Her afternoon teacher asked if I'd be taking her home after the picnic, which I had assumed that she needed to finish up her day, so I told the teacher she could keep Morgan....but when Morgan saw other kids going home, she wanted to go home too, so it was a short day for her.  Again I forgot my camera to get pictures of her with her friends :-/

That was it for school this year!  We're still trying to keep up with their education through the summer, so they don't lose anything they've learned in school, but that is only going to be a tiny portion of our summer.  I'm looking more forward to the fun things I have planned from our Summer bucket list! :-)

Check out eFoods Direct for your Food Storage plans

It seems that with all the natural disasters and the poor economy that being prepared for tough times is becoming more and more necessary.  Over a year ago, I had decided that I would try to start some food storage.  I researched foods that I should store and recipes to use those foods, but it was all very overwhelming and I quit.  We already have cattle, chickens for eggs and grow and can/freeze our own vegetables, so I figured we'd at least be okay for a while...but deep down I knew it'd be really nice to be even more prepared, so when I was contacted by eFoods Direct to do a review, I jumped at the opportunity.

eFoods Direct sells premade meals that all you need to do is add water!  How awesome!  I think I'd like these meals just for the days that I don't feel like cooking! ;-)  In all seriousness, though, I like that they take the guesswork out of food storage.  They're all premade quality, nutritious meals, so you don't have to worry about storing 50 different ingredients and making sure you have enough for whatever length of time you'd like to be prepared for...PLUS making sure they're healthy!  They make it easy and give you peace of mind.

While you're waiting for my review, please stop by eFoods Direct and take a look at all the food storage options that they have to offer.  Also take advantage of their specials that they are offering in rememberance of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan a year ago....40% to 50% off! :-)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Morgan's 6th Birthday

Morgan turned 6 a couple weeks ago.  It's so hard to believe that 6 years have gone by already!  Her birthday was on a Sunday, but we had her parties the Friday before.  She had her friend party right after school.  I picked a few of her friends up, along with her and the others were dropped off. (The cousins that don't go to school with her.)  When they came, they got to decorate their own cupcakes.  (There are un-frosted cupcakes in the back of the cupcake stand.)

After eating the cupcakes and ice cream, the kids used some of their energy up swinging at the pinata.  Unfortunately they knocked it down (a few times) before it couldn't be hung up anymore and we had to tear it open and dump the goodies out :-)

Then it was time for presents and, of course, Morgan couldn't wait! 

The kids also ended up in the barn to see the cattle and climb in the hay.

And then they were back in the garage digging right into one of Morgan's gifts, decorating a jewelry box. :-)

We had about an hour break between Morgan's friend party and the family party.  We then had a little cookout, she opened more presents (she's still working on writing all her thank you's!) and then got to blow out the candles on her cupcakes again :-) 

The weather was beautiful for her birthday parties!  We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  It was in the mid 70's and sunny.  Saturday was even warmer and just as much fun.  She got to go to one of her friend's birthday parties, which was at a bowling alley.  Blake went too and they had a BLAST bowling and eating pizza :-)

On Sunday, her actual birthday, I wanted to do something special for her.  We went to church, where they had their children's program, so Morgan got to sit with us and watch instead of going to Sunday School.  (She wasn't in the program this year.)  We then went home for a little while before heading to her grandparents' house to drop something off and we ended up picking up her grandma! Then it was on to McDonald's for lunch.  She had received a gift card for Toys R Us from her grandma and another little gift card from Toys R Us, so we went there and she picked out a little something and even had a enough left that Blake could get something too. :-)

After toy shopping, we moved onto the mall where they were having their last day of a butterfly exhibit.  Definitely the highlight of the day.  It isn't every day you get to hold onto butterflies :-)

When we left the mall and jumped into the truck, it said it was 92 degrees outside.  I figured it was off, like usual, when it first started up and the temperature would go down.  (Half the time it's in the 50's and raining on Morgan's birthday-there was no way it could be in theh 90's!)  Well, the temperature didn't go went up!  To 93!  So, when we got home (and after the kids napped a bit) we got the slip 'n slide out and the kids cooled off.

Plus it was nice and breezy, so it was a perfect day for Morgan to fly her new kite she got from a friend! :-)

A little while later my parents stopped by to see Morgan on her birthday and give her some birthday spankings...she's lucky she's only 6! ;-)  I was busy making cupcakes to take to school the next day.  I was going to make enough for both of her teacher's classes (as many of the parents do), but being that it was so hot and I only have one muffin pan, which slows down the process a bit and leaves the oven on longer, I decided the other class would live without cupcakes!  LOL!  So on Monday, she was able to celebrate her birthday, yet again, at school.  She even came home wearing a crown and had a little birthday card/certificate from her teacher.

I think she had a pretty awesome 6th birthday.  It was definitely one to remember! :-)
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