Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Safety Day 2012

The Safety Day at the school was last Monday, so I went to be with Blake's class.  Morgan's class also went to it, but later in the afternoon.  Since I already had 4 trips to make to town that day, I didn't go to be with her class too...she understood, especially since one extra trip was for her Spring Sing :-)

Blake sitting in the police car and feeling pretty special!

In the ambulance learning about some things that might happen if they were to ever have to ride in one.  (They want to make sure the kids won't be scared.)

Rich took the day off to be at the school and help.  He showed them some equiptment in the fire engine and what they're used for.

All the kids had the chance to spray the fire hose, which as you can see was a huge hit with Blake :-)

The kids with their goodie bags and their fire helmets lining up to go back to class.  Blake is peaking back at me :-)

The kids also had the chance to go through the smoke trailer, where they practiced getting down and crawling to stay under the smoke.  Since the teacher was inside to be with the kids, I stayed outside to help the kids down from the trailer...I didn't end up with any pictures. :-/

This is something Rich and the other firefighters really enjoy doing with the kids!  I think they were just as excited as the kids and were making plans to do some extras for next year. :-)

Morgan's Kindergarten Spring Sing

Morgan had her Kindergarten Spring Sing last Monday.  She had really been looking forward to it and it was great to hear the songs she had been practicing in school! :-)  (Can you find her?  Hint: She's toward the back.)

This is the song that Morgan would sing at home.  It is a remake of a Christian kids song called "Rise and Shine" (Or "Arky Arky").  I'll admit I was NOT happy that they changed it and it was so hard to convince Morgan that the song she was singing wasn't the original.  Despite my feelings toward the remake, it was still cute to see them singing it and doing hand motions along with it.

Morgan's grandparents all made it to see her, along with an uncle.  There was such a great turnout that many people had to stand, but the kids only sang for about a half hour.  The weather was beautiful that night as well, so I thought it would be fun to go out for ice cream afterwards which, of course, the kiddos LOVED! ;-)  A great night of making memories :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day weekend turned out to be super busy.  I won't go into all the details, but I wanted to share some pictures with you from the Mother Daughter banquet that we attended Friday night.

This is of my Mom, Morgan and I.

Morgan and I

The Mother's Day Banquet at our church is always really nice.  They have it in the Family Life Center (where Morgan played basketball) and have a nice catered meal, door prizes, family pictures and then we go to the sanctuary where, this year, we listened to a speaker who did a wonderful job!  I had no idea we'd been there for 3-1/2 hours when we left :-)

Mother's Day we went to the early service at church (like usual), then on to my parents' for lunch and see my Mom for Mother's Day and my Dad for his birthday.  Then on to Rich's grandmother's house and his parents' house to visit for Mother's Day.  It was long day, but a beautiful one and a wonderful time seeing family :-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dance Pictures and Cheesy Smiles

The kids had their dance and tumbling pictures taken a few weeks ago.  Morgan is actually in a combination class of ballet, tap and pom pom, so she had three group pictures in all the different outfits.  I only purchased the pictures with my favorite outfit, so those are the only ones I have to share.

Blake started going to a tumbling class shortly after Morgan started dance.  Rich was fine with it because it would prepare him for wrestling.  As the class went on and they did less tumbling and more dancing...Rich wasn't impressed.  Then when the shirt came that Blake was to wear for the recital, Rich was not even less impressed!  His son should NOT be wearing something so tight and sparkly!  LOL!  Of course Blake is too little to know any different and he's having fun.  Plus he'll be old enough to be in other sports next year and out of tumbling anyway :-)

*I apologize for the picture quality...they didn't scan very well.
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