Friday, April 4, 2008

Play & Learn

The Opinioned parent has a great giveaway right now of the book called Play & Learn: 1001 Fun Activities For Your Baby and Child. I haven't read it, since I'm trying to win it myself, but even if I don't win I may buy it. It looks like the book has some great ideas, especially if you're tired of doing the same old things! Check it out for yourself. Just click on the image below.

I am an Opinionated Parent

Thanks and good luck to you!


CanCan said...

I love TOP! Every now and then I write a review for them. I wish it gave me extra chance to win, but no.

I want to invite you to enter my blog giveaways at
this blog
and this one

I hope you can come!

CanCan said...

I have more giveaways this week!

I have two at
and one here!

I love doing giveaways!

CanCan said...

I'm giving away some Robeez shoes this week!

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