Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time for Potty Training?

I have been eagerly waiting for Blake to show signs that he is ready to be potty trained. One of the main signs that Morgan showed that she was ready is when she started hiding to do number two's. Well, I don't know if it's because Blake is a boy, or if he just hasn't been ready, but he could care less if he hides to do his number two's. He'll stand right in front of me staring at me the whole time he's working at it! He is not interested in hiding at all!

Even though Blake hasn't hid to poo-poo yet, about a week ago he did start pointing to his diaper and saying 'poo-poo' when he has done either number one's or two's. Not every time he does them, but some of the time. I'm thinking that might be his sign to me that he is ready to least a little. So, the last few days I've been taking him to sit on the potty. He has even started pointing to the bathroom and saying what sounds like 'potty'. He hasn't actually gone on the potty yet, but I don't expect anything right away. I'm just excited that he has finally shown interest!

So, now that Blake is showing interest, I'm not sure whether I should work at training him all out or hold off until the weather is warmer, like I did with Morgan. I'm worried that I have a window of opportunity right now and if I wait too long it will be harder to train him in a couple months when it's more convenient for me. Either way, I do think I will at least let him sit on the potty once a day as an introduction. I would also love some extra tools to help introduce potty training to Blake, like books and movies, so he can really get the idea of what using the potty is all about. Luckily, I've come across two giveaways for some potty training tools. One giveaway is at Stop, Drop and Blog for a Complete Starter Kit from the Potty Training Made Easy website. The other giveaway is at Healthy Moms for the same Potty Training Kit from Baby Signs. (Both Potty Training kits are from the same sponsor, but the giveaway sites linked them under different names.) I would love to win either one because, I know from potty training Morgan, that I can use all the help I can get!

If you are also in the midst of potty training and would like some extra tools to guide your little one in the process, head on over to both sites, by following the above links, and check out the entry rules! :-)


Kristi said...

After doing two boys, I still swear by the run around naked method. It worked for both of the boys in a very short period time. I also didn't start until they were almost three since I wanted to wait until they were for sure ready.

Cascia said...

Sounds like he is ready! Thank you for sharing the information about our contest.

Alexia said...

Just remember my post (about the boy peeing on everything BUT the potty) - you could just introduce him to a "fun" discovery...LOL I don't think it will hurt to wait it out until summer. But still allow him access to the potty.

I actually just read of a mom who did the whole naked thing and it's working! It's only been 6 days and she only had accidents on the first. I guess it works on the basis that the kid doesn't like to have pee just running down their legs like that...I'm still trying to decide it I want to brave it with Noah LOL

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