Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've been stockpiling awards these last couple weeks! I'm sorry to those of you who passed these on to me for taking so long in accepting!

I received the You Don't Say Super Comments Award from Cascia at Healthy Moms.

The Friendship Chain award is from Andrea at MomWriterMe.

And the One Lovely Blog Award is from Jenna at A Mom's Balancing Act.

Thank you so much, to all three of you, for thinking of me for these awards. I am truly honored and very grateful to you for the wonderful recognition! At the same time, between these three awards, I would need to come up with around 30 blogs to pass them on to. There are many blogs that I would love to share these with. Unfortunately to link to 30 blogs and inform all of them of their awards would be a bit much for me right now, so I won't be passing them on.

I, again, am very honored! Thank you Cascia, Andrea and Jenna! :-)

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Congrats girlie, you deserve them all! I'm so bad I really need to post a thank you for them all. UGH, too little time :)

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