Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The weekend and then some...

I'm amazed at how busy we have been lately. All the activity isn't typical for this time of year, but I'm not complaining! :-)

Friday the kids and I were able to enjoy an afternoon out with my parents and sister in Frankenmuth. Our first stop (and the main reason for the trip) was St. Julian's winery. They were having their case sale, which means stocking up on some delicious wine (at least for my parents and sister.) The great thing about St. Julian's is they have wonderful sparkling juices for the kids to taste. We tasted their White Grape, Passion fruit, Cherry and Wild berry sparkling juices and that wasn't even half of them! The kids were so cute. They are not used to carbonation and they kept saying "Hot!"

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The kids tasting their juices...

Sitting on the bench at St. Julian's. I was trying to keep them corralled and quiet while everyone finished tasting. Blake is showing off his gum :-)

We then did some more looking around town and they still had their snow sculptures and ice carvings up from the previous weekend's Snowfest. It was really nice to be able and see all the sculptures without all the crowds! (I've been to Frankenmuth during their Snowfest and we usually have to park a long ways away and get shuttled into town...It's busy!)

Some of the beautifully made sculptures...

I had to get a picture of the bulldozer for Blake :-)

Saturday I had a baby shower to go to for Rich's cousin's wife at 1:00 and then at 3:00 my sister was teaching a beer making class at my parents' house. I waited for the shower to be over before I left, so we didn't actually make it to my parents' until 4:30. I'm not a beer drinker, but I was able to meet some of mom's friends she made in Germany and we also celebrated birthdays when all the company left. (My niece and I share a birthday, so we celebrate them together-it's more fun with a little one anyway!) :-)

My brother didn't have a chance to wrap my niece's present, so his shirt became the gift wrap. She thought it was great! :-)

Sunday was another full day for us. We made it to church for the first time since before Christmas (terrible-I know) and it ended up being the kick-off to the children's Spring program that Morgan is just old enough to be in. After church she was able to do some crafts, sing songs, play games and have a fun little snack as part of the kick-off. Now every Sunday and Thursday we get to take her for practice! This is first thing Morgan is going to be involved in and I'm really excited for her! :-)

Of course we finished the weekend at a Super Bowl party at some friends of Rich's family. If you didn't read what happened at last year's party, check out this link and you'll understand why we made sure Morgan wasn't wearing pants that had pockets in them! ;-) The party was a great time! The kids were busy playing the whole time and you would have thought they were always that well-behaved. They were SO good! They were even still smiling when we came home at 10:30-well past their bedtime!

So that was the weekend. Yesterday was my birthday, but I've decided that I'm about done with birthdays. I'm at a point where I don't need to get any older-I'll just stay right here! ;-) (Yeah-I know I'm dreaming-LOL!) And today at 9:00 am I'm having my wisdom teeth removed, so I may not be around much the rest of the week depending on how I feel afterwards. I'm really not looking forward to it...or the bill...but it will be over with and I'll never have to do it again! Yay! :-)


Nancy M. said...

Happy late Birthday!!! I need to stop having birthdays too, lol! I love the ice sculptures! So pretty! You have been busy, but it sounds like you've had fun!

Wendy said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Sounds like a full but fun weekend. The photos of the sculptures were cool.

I hope having your wisdom teeth out today goes smoothly and I will see you back here very soon.

Andrea said...

Beautiful "little" people. Glad you had a great time.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Have you entered into my world ... LOL Happy Birthday, what a fund celebration and way to keep the weekend flying by!!

Wow those sculptures are amazing!

Yeah I'm so glad you made it to church too.

Good luck with the wisdom teeth sweetie you'll do great!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Those sculptures are awesome! Sounds like a good time, and sparkling juice... YUM!
Happy Birthday (yesterday)! I am ready for them to be done too (I was a major grump this past bday. LOL).
Good luck with the wisdom teeth! I'm putting it off as long as I can! LOL!

croleyc69 said...

Happy late Birthday !!! Those sculptures were awesome and yes you were busy !!! Thanx for sharing all that.

Just Breathe said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like a fun filled weekend. The wine tasting sounds like fun.
Love the ice carvings and snow sculptures. Beautiful. Baby showers are so much fun. So pants with no pockets, that works!
Hope your feeling okay, I remember when mine were done years ago, all four at once. Went along with my daughter last year, said some pretty funny things when she first came out of the drugs :)

Stephanie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! What a way to spend your day...getting your wisdom teeth pulled! ;) I hope your recovery is painless and quick.

Those ice sculptures are something else!

And how fun that the winery offers sparkling juice samples for kids too! That is a wonderful idea.


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