Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Holiday Weekend

Our weekend kind of started on Friday with the excitement of getting a new truck! It's a 2006 Ford F-150 and Rich couldn't be happier having a truck again! As Rich went to work at his Grandma's farm, working ground and planting, I had the luxury of having my own vehicle...or so I thought...

This isn't actually our truck, but it's almost the same. Ours doesn't have running boards, vent visors or fog lights, but has a bug deflector and a light on top for Rich to respond to fire calls.
I had all these plans to make a run to a nearby town to do some shopping before we went camping when I just happened to look out the kitchen window at the car and noticed something wrong with the front passenger side tire. When I checked it out, it was what I feared...a bulge! I ended up taking it in to the same place we had just picked our new truck up at, earlier that morning, to have a new/used tire put on. What were the chances that I finally get a vehicle of my own and there was something wrong with it?? LOL! I still made it shopping and all is good now ;-)
I also mowed our lawn for the first time in 5 years! Rich has always mowed the lawn. It was HIS thing that he LOVED to do, so I never really thought any different. Well, I decided to offer to help this summer because he is so busy with everything that is going on and I did it! After not mowing for 5 years I was kinda nervous, but I didn't have any troubles (besides taking out a little hay, but no big deal-LOL!)

Speaking of doing things that I haven't done in 5 years, I also rode a bike again! My bike got ruined at the bike racks at college and I have never replaced it, but I actually got on my sister's bike while camping and it came right back to me! Yay! I kinda want to get a new one now! ;-)
The big event of the weekend was our camping trip. We went up north to Otsego Lake State Park and camped Saturday through Monday. On the way up we met with some friends of Rich's had lunch and took them some beef they had bought. I couldn't believe we spent over 2 hours with them!

After what turned out to be a 6 hour trip, we got settled in and went to the beach to enjoy the warm water. Rich and I rolled up our pant legs so we could walk in, Morgan borrowed a swimsuit and a life vest from my brother and was having a blast in the water and Blake was sitting and playing in the sand. (He will NOT go in the water!)

Morgan and her cousins playing in the sand. (Morgan has green on.)

Blake not in the water...he wouldn't even put cooler clothes on because he thought that meant that he had to go in the water-LOL!

We couldn't have been at the beach for more than a couple minutes when Rich's cell phone rings and after a few choice words I find out that Rich's friend, who was taking care of our animals, had just shown up to our place with his 5 year old daughter and a couple dogs were killing the chickens! After many phone calls to the sheriff, relatives and animal control, the dogs were taken away, the chickens were cleaned up and we were left with 4 hens out of 6 hens and 2 roosters. As much as we liked our roosters and hens, I'll have to admit that I was relieved that the roosters are the ones they got, plus the hen that we always called "the ugly chicken" (poor thing). We'll still have some eggs, but not enough to share anymore. (We actually had 12 chicken a little while ago, but lost 4 to a raccoon.)

Rich on the phone during the chicken incident. Things were mostly under control at the time so he could smile ;-)

So, a little story to go along with the chickens. The 5 year old daughter that came with Rich's friend unfortunately witnessed the dogs with a chicken (from their truck) and said to her Daddy "Look! They're wrestling!" and after is was over "The chicken lost". Rich and I had felt terrible that she had to witness that, but knowing how innocently she viewed the whole thing made us feel a little better.

The rest of our camping trip was fairly uneventful. Here are a couple more things that happened:

*Morgan had the chance to ride her balance bike on pavement and got quite good! She still needs to learn that she cannot take her hand off the handlebar to wave....doing that leads to a pretty scraped up knee! (My niece also got her training wheels off while we were there, so it was a great biking weekend for all of us!)

*We made it to Jay's Sporting Goods in Gaylord and got Morgan her first bow and 6 arrows. I'm excited for her to learn, because it's something that Rich and I would enjoy doing more of. :-)

*The campgrounds were grass whatsoever! That means 2 VERY dirty kids! LOL! Blake, especially, had a blast in the dirt-we never had to entertain him-he was busy the whole time! (And only 1 pee accident the WHOLE time...didn't even wet at night! Not doing as good now that we're home though-LOL!)
This picture needs no explanation.

Not happy that he had to stop playing to get a picture taken...and this wasn't his dirtiest!
We made it home between 1:00 and 2:00 pm Monday, got unpacked, did some laundry and left by 4:00 to go to a Memorial Day get-together at Rich's grandma's. We would have been outside if it hadn't been raining, but it was still a really nice time and we didn't make it home until 9:30.

As fun as our weekend was, I'm glad to be home and settling back into things.....and catching up on some sleep! ;-)

The sunset over Otsego Lake.


Cascia said...

Sorry to hear about your chickens. It sounds like you had a very busy weekend.

Thanks for stopping by the Healthy Moms!

Nancy M. said...

I'm sorry about your chickens! I hate it when something like that happens!

Glad y'all were able to have a good trip anyway! Congrats on the new truck!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Yeah on the new truck, boo and the tire :( glad it was fixed quickly and easy.

Oh hun the chickens :( At least you still have enough for eggs for your family but still sad :(.

Look at you girls go on your bikes, right on!!

Caden is just like Blake, when we went to the water park that boy would not go near the water the first time. Yeah on only one accident!

LOVING the dirt pic's looks like so much fun. And then to come back home for more fun wow and you talk about my weekends! hehe :)

That sunset picture is just beautiful!

Just Breathe said...

Congrats on the truck, I am sure he is thrilled. Men love their trucks. What a busy weekend you had. Looks like the camping was fun. We use to camp but have since moved up to renting the cabin! I am really sorry about your roosters and chickens. That is so sad. Love the pictures. I remember all that dirt :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Wow, where to start?! LOL!
Gorgeous sunset picture! Sounds like so much fun!
Oh my, how dirty they got! LOL! Good thing the lake was there, although with Blake not going in that wouldn't solve the problem for him! LOL!
So awesome that he has only 1 accident!!
And wow, nice truck! That's so awesome!

Felicia said...

I know it feels so good to get all of that stuff done!

Marissa said...

That sunset is gorgeous! Sounds like an adventurous weekend. Congrats on the truck, and sorry to hear about the chickens. And I love the pics of the dirty kids :)

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